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October 20, 2011

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Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White is considered a classic children’s book. Find out what mum Nuala thinks of it:

I decided to review this timeless classic, as it was one of my most well-thumbed books as a child and because I was recently delighted when my daughter fell under its spell as a bedtime, ‘chapter’ storybook.

Eight-year old Fern saves the runt piglet from her Father’s litter when he wants to kill it.  He lets her keep it as her very own pig and she names it Wilbur.  When the piglet overstays his welcome at the Arable’s farm, he is sent to live with Homer Zuckerman’s farm animals and the little girl continues her visits with him there.

Wilbur is befriended in his new home by Charlotte the Spider who is a wise old thing and he lives happily in this environment until Templeton the Rat lets him in on what all the farm animals already know.  The Spring pig will become the Christmas dinner!!!  However Charlotte recognizes his porkchop plight and works to save him, helped by the other animals.

This is a must for all reading levels as you never quite know if Wilbur will survive.  Despite its sadness and sometimes harsh realities, there is a message of great hope in this book.  The themes are of life and death; friendship and loyalty, but always in a funny, compassionate narrative.


Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White (1952)

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