22 Mother’s Day Books to Read and Share Together

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

March 1, 2023

Mother's Day books - Mykidstime

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Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for spending time together, and what could be better than story time? These Mother’s Day books are perfect for younger children to give to Mum.

Let mum (or mom or mama!) know just how special and loved she is with one of these adorable books from children’s favourites like Eric Carle, Shirley Hughes and Roald Dahl, as well as new authors and illustrators.

Snuggle up, share a story together, and make some wonderful new memories!

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Mother’s Day Books That Make the Perfect Gift

My Mum is Fantastic by Nick Butterworth

My Mum is Fantastic for mother's day books

My Mum is Fantastic is a celebration of an amazing mum – and mums everywhere!

The mum in this book is truly fantastic. She’s a brilliant artist, she can balance on a tightrope, she can swim like a fish, do amazing stunts on a bike and she can tame wild animals… in fact, there’s very little this astounding mum can’t do.

The book ends: “It’s great to have a mum like mine. It’s fantastic!” And no one can argue with that!

My Mummy is Magic by Dawn Richards

I think my mummy’s MAGIC – I notice every day . . .
That whenever MAGIC happens, Mummy’s never far away!

From a morning cuddle to a bedtime kiss, follow a mum and her little one through the day as they find magic in the simplest of things. My Mummy is Magic is the perfect gift to share with Mum on Mother’s Day and every day.

Mother’s Day by Shirley Hughes

In this stunning gift edition of Mother’s Day, a classic story by Kate Greenaway-winning author Shirley Hughes, Katy and her little brother Olly tell us about their day with Mum.

From the fun of waking up in the morning, getting the bus into town with Mum or even stories all together at bedtime, this joyous tale gives readers a snapshot into a child’s day and celebrates the special bond between a mother and child.

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I Love Mum with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

I Love Mum is a beautiful little gift book from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the perfect way to say ‘I love you, Mum!’

Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a celebration of love and all the ways to tell your mum how much you care. This delightful little book features Eric Carle’s bright and distinctive artwork of animal mums and babies – from giraffes and crocodiles to bears and penguins – with The Very Hungry Caterpillar making an appearance alongside each one.

Me & Mama by Cozbi A. Cabrera

Me and Mama for Mother's day books

Mama’s love is brighter than the sun, even on the rainiest of days. This celebration of a mother-daughter relationship is perfect for sharing with little ones!

On a rainy day when the house smells like cinnamon and Papa and Luca are still asleep, when the clouds are wearing shadows and the wind paints the window with beads of water, I want to be everywhere Mama is.

With lyrical prose and a tender touch, Mama and Me is an ode to the strength of the bond between a mother and a daughter as they spend a rainy day together.

I Love My Mummy by Campbell Books

Push, pull and slide the tabs to celebrate Mother’s Day in I Love My Mummy! Play together in the park, bake delicious cookies and snuggle up for a story, then thank Mummy for everything she does for you!

Children will love playing with this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text and wonderful illustrations by Louise Forshaw.

Love by Emma Dodd

Love by Emma Dodd for Mother's day books

Join little rabbit and his mummy as they spend a glorious sunny day together in the meadow. Little rabbit finds love everywhere, but knows that a mummy’s love is always the best love of all.

Love features a tenderly-told rhyming text and delightful illustrations from Emma Dodd.

My Mum is Magnificent by Roald Dahl

My Mum is Magnificent is a read-aloud, read-again rhyming board book that celebrates the brilliance of Mums everywhere – ideal for parents and chiddlers to read and share together. The perfect gift for your magnificent mum this Mother’s Day!

Why I Love My Mummy by Daniel Howarth

‘I love my mummy because… ‘

Everyone’s mummy is the best. And who better to tell the world than children themselves? Why I Love My Mummy is a charming book that combines endearing things said by children about their mothers with gentle illustrations of familiar animals.

Everything is Mama by Jimmy Fallon

Everything is Mama for mothers day books

Everything is…MAMA!

Jimmy Fallon, one of the most popular entertainers in the world and NBC’s Tonight Show host, was on a mission with his first children’s book to have every baby’s first word be DADA. And it worked! A lot of babies’ first words were DADA. However, everything after that was MAMA.

So take a lighthearted look at the world from your baby’s point of view as different animals try to teach their children that there are other words in addition to MAMA for familiar objects and activities.

The Best Mother by Cynthia Surrisi

The Best Mother for mother's day books

When Maxine wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, she wonders if the problem might be her mother. What if she could try out a new mom who doesn’t make her brush her teeth or comb her hair? Enlisting Mom to help her with the search, Maxine interviews various prospects to be her new mother at the park, the toy store, and the zoo. Unfortunately, these other mothers present a host of new problems and concerns. Maybe her “old mother” was the best mother of all?

For every child who’s ever wondered if the grass is greener, The Best Mother affirms that there’s nothing better than your own mother’s love.

My Mummy by Adam Hargreaves and Roger Hargreaves

Mr Men My Mummy for mother's day books

This very special Little Miss book, My Mummy, is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. The Little Miss will help you show your mummy just how special she is to you.

From making you smile, even when things are going wrong, to knowing just when hugs are needed, mummies are Splendid, Fun, Magic, Sunshine – lots of the Little Miss rolled into one!

Children can also add their own words to the story to make it a really personal gift.


Download our free ‘My Mum’ printable for the kids to complete – make it an annual tradition and see how their answers change!

My Mum Printable container

Spot Loves His Mum by Eric Hill

Spot Loves his Mum for mothers day books

Spot loves spending time with his mum. They do lots of fun things together. Sometimes, he helps her with the groceries and sometimes they play hide-and-seek in the garden.

Join the much-loved Spot in Spot Loves His Mum as he learns what it means to spend time with his mum.

I Love My Mummy by Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd

I Love My Mummy Giles Andreae for Mothers day books

I Love My Mummy is a sweet, rhyming board book about the special relationship between mother and child.

With a gentle, rhyming story and lovely illustrations, this is a book to be loved, shared and treasured. The perfect gift for every family, for new Mothers, on Mother’s Day or at any time of the year. From the author of picture book classic, Giraffes Can’t Dance.

The Night Before Mother’s Day by Natasha Wing

In The Night Before Mother’s Day, Dad and the kids are determined to show Mom just how much they love her. They whip up a cake from scratch, and offer a special coupon for a day at the spa, right in their own kitchen!

Kids and moms will love reading this sweet story aloud together for a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Maria the Mother’s Day Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Maria the Mother's Day Fairy for mothers day books

Maria the Mother’s Day Fairy looks after mums everywhere and makes sure they get on well with their sons and daughters. But when Jack Frost steals her magical objects, the magic of motherhood goes all wonky!

Can Kirsty and Rachel help restore order in time for the special surprise they have planned for their mums?

My Mums Love Me by Anna Membrino

My Mums Love Me is a lyrical and heartfelt picture book, and a gorgeous celebration of same-sex parents and motherhood.

This beautifully-told story about a same-sex family of two mums and their baby is a love letter to close-knit families everywhere. Lyrical and calming, it’s a perfect picture book to cuddle up with.

With My Mummy by James Brown

With My Mummy for mothers day books

Days with my mummy are always such fun,
and ever so special together, as one.

From playing in the park to cuddles at bedtime, being with Mummy makes every moment of every day special.

A touching celebration of the special relationship between mother and child. Warmly told in gentle rhyme and brought to life with charming illustrations, With My Mummy is a heartwarming picture book and the perfect gift to share time and time again.

The Strongest Mum by Nicola Kent

Little Bear is sure that no-one is as strong as his mum. She can carry anything: his bike, Zebra’s shopping, Elephant’s carpet and even…Flamingo’s piano! And of course, there’s ALWAYS room in her handbag for Little Bear’s treasures. But even mums can get tired and need a helping hand sometimes, as Little Bear learns when Mum takes on one thing too many, with hilarious and heart-warming consequences.

The Strongest Mum is a warm, funny and original story about a parent-child relationship, perfect for learning about helping each other out. Packed full of endearing animal characters, it is sure to delight young children. Nicola Kent’s bright, jewel-like colours and eye-catching illustrations make this a truly stunning picture book debut.

My Mum by Anthony Browne

My Mum by Anthony Browne for mothers day books

She’s nice, my mum…My mum’s a fantastic cook, and a brilliant juggler. She’s a great painter, and the strongest woman in the world! She’s really nice, my mum.

My Mum is a warm, funny tribute to Mum (and to mums everywhere) by the brilliant author/illustrator Anthony Browne.

You Taught Me Love by Misty Black

You Taught Me Love for mothers day books

There’s nothing quite like the love a mother and child share. Join mother, daughter, and a silly little frog on a heartwarming journey describing love through the eyes of a child.

Kids will enjoy cuddling up with their parents to read You Taught Me Love while exploring their own unique, special bond. The beautiful illustrations and joyful rhymes are sure to tug on your heartstrings.

Letters to My Mom by Lea Redmond

Write now, read later, treasure forever. The 12, fold-and-mail-style envelopes in Letters to My Mom invite sons and daughters to surprise and delight her with memories, appreciations, and hopes for the future.

Each letter is printed with a unique prompt like “A special memory I have of you is…,” “From you I learned the importance of…,” “I always think of you when…,” and “One thing I’m glad we share is…,” plus two blank letters to write your own. Seal your letters with the included stickers, postdate, and gift this book to your remarkable mom. When she opens the letters in the future, she’ll receive an invaluable gift: a tangible reflection of her child’s love.

22 Mother's Day Books to Read and Share Together - Mykidstime

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