10 Marvellous Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids That They’ll Love To Make And Give

mothers day crafts for kids

Looking for simple Mother’s Day crafts for your child to make for your partner or mother? We have picked out some of our favourite ideas. Here are 10 Marvellous Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids That They’ll Love To Make And Give:

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#1. Flower Photos

This is a lovely idea, to create cards with flowers and a photo glued into the cupcake holder for the petals of the flower. Each child can make their own flower card.


photo cupcake cards

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#2. 5 Things I Love

Great idea this. Make a “5 Things I Love about My Mother” card using traced hand shapes with numbered fingers and a ribbon to hold the hands together.


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#3. Paper Bunch of Flowers

Isn’t this sweet? It’s a bunch of paper flowers stuck to a folded piece of card tied with a ribbon. Pretend like you’re making a paper airplane to get the folds. And the tiny pompoms glued for the centre of the flowers are a nice touch too.

paper bunch of flowers

Image found on pinterest

#4. Popsicle Stick Flowers

Another cute Mother’s Day Craft for Kids to make, popsicle stick flowers using popsticle sticks, flower shapes with lace doilies cut around to frame a photograph, and green sparkly leaves stuck on.

mother's day crafts for kids

Image found on Pinterest

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#5. Mother’s Day Coupon Book

My kids did this a couple of years ago for Mother’s Day for me, they made a coupon book full of lovely treats for me. My particular favourite was “You get to choose the songs in the car one journey”. Diva of DIY has instructions for how to make this easy and unique Mother’s Day Coupon Book.

mother's day crafts for kids

Image courtesy of Diva of DIY

#6. String Heart Card

I love these. They are easy to make as well as being a great sewing activity for kids. You will need colourful yarn as well as thick card stock and a large threading needle. Draw your heart shape onto the card and punch holes on the edge of the heart. Sew the yarn through the holes in different directions until your heart is filled in.

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#7. I Love You This Much Card

To make this cute I Love You This Much hand cards, trace your child’s hand twice and cut out the hands. Fold a strip of paper accordion style. Write the words “This Much” on the strip of paper and “I Love You” on the hands. Stick the “hands” to the accordion strip and your child will be ready to present their unique card.

i love you this much hands

Image found on Pinterest

#8. Button Heart

This is adorable, a button heart with special saying in the middle. Your child will enjoy picking out different buttons from your button stash and glueing the buttons into a heart shape onto a fabric covered board. Then you’ll need a large heart to hang in the middle with the sweet saying “Mums are like buttons, they hold everything together”. Aw….

mums are like buttons

Image found on Pinterest

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#9. Superhero Chocolate Bar

Most mums I know love a bit of chocolate. And they’ll definitely love their favourite chocolate bar made into a DIY superhero mother’s day gift! You’ll find the instructions for making this unique Mother’s Day present on I Heart Crafty Things.

mother's day crafts for kids

Image courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things

#10. Craft Stick Flower Pots

This Craft Stick Flower Pots project from Typically Simple is so sweet and colourful. And handy too for the mother who likes plants and flowers. And best of all, this craft stick doesn’t even need glue!

mother's day crafts for kids

Image courtesy of Typically Simple

Over to you now. Which of these Mother’s Day Crafts for kids was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

10 Marvellous Mother's Day Crafts For Kids That They'll Love To Make And Give

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