The 10 Best Mothers Day Gifts (in my humble opinion)

mothers day gifts

Mothers – “To the world you might just be one person, but to one person you might just be the world.” ~ Author Unknown. Mother’s Day is such a special day for mums and we would probably be lying if we said we weren’t partial to gifts on the day! Here are the 10 Best Mothers Day Gifts (in my humble opinion):

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#1. Sleep

Yes I’d like a lie in please. I’d like a proper proper lie in please. No one coming in every half hour to check if I’m awake yet.


#2. A Little Treat

It could be some of my favourite chocolate or a new book or a foot rub, just a little treat. Don’t need big bouquets or big boxes of chocolates, just a little something.

#3. Some Me Time

Just a little time to myself. That’s all. Doesn’t have to be long, an hour with no demands will suffice.

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#4. A Shower to Myself

Yes. A proper shower without anyone small coming in to ask me something or want me to do something for them while I’m dripping in the shower. Some nice body lotion on afterwards and relaxing time to get dressed and ready without rushing.

#5. Not to Have to Do Any Housework

My least favourite thing in the world, and the thing I put off all the time, the housework. So to have a “get out of housework” pass for the day would be brill.

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#6. Some Time to Read My Book

summer reads

Ok I’m being greedy as I’ve already asked for some Me Time, but I’d love some more time to sit and read my book without any interruptions. Oooh the thought of it.

#7. A Handmade Card

You know when you open the card and you see the cute quirky drawing your child has done for you and you read what your child has written about you and it makes your heart squeeze.

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#8. Lots of Hugs & Kisses

I can’t get enough of these and I demand more on Mother’s Day (even from my teen)!

#9. No Breakfast in Bed

I’m actually not that fussed about breakfast in bed. It is a nice idea but I find eating off a tray in bed just a bit uncomfortable and if you’re a bit clumsy, well, you’re looking at spilled breakfast and washing duvet covers.

#10. A Blessings Reminder

How blessed I am to be a mother. How wonderful my children are. How loved I feel.

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Over to you now. What are the best mothers day gifts you have received? Tell us in the comments below.

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