The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts (in Our Humble Opinion!)

Jill Holtz

February 20, 2019

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Mother’s Day is such a special day for mums and we would probably be lying if we said we weren’t partial to some gifts to celebrate! Traditionally when you think of the day, flowers and cards come to mind, and although we agree they’re great to get, here are a few more Mother’s Day gifts we think you’ll love.

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Grand gestures are lovely, but some of the best Mother’s Day gifts we receive cost nothing at all. From getting a proper lie-in to reading a book without interruptions, we think you deserve a well-earned break.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Our Pick of the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

#1. Sleep

There’s nothing quite like an undisturbed lie-in! For Mother’s Day, the best present you can get or give is a proper rest, meaning no one comes in every half hour to check if you’re awake yet!

#2. A Little Treat

Sometimes the smallest gifts mean the most, particularly when there is thought behind them. Gifts like your favourite chocolates, the book you’ve been meaning to buy or a good foot rub trumps expensive bouquets and other grand gestures.

#3. Some “Me” Time

Just a little time alone, to think without the background noise. It’s pure bliss every mother should get to enjoy this Mother’s Day. It doesn’t have to be all day, an hour with no demands will suffice.

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#4. A Shower to Myself

best mother's day gifts

Soak away the week with a proper shower. No knocking on the door, kids asking if they can have something or rushing to get finished up because you have to go somewhere. Just some peace and quiet, so you can enjoy the warmth and take some time to treat your skin to a nice body lotion afterwards. You can then get dressed without any stress.

#5. No Housework

It’s the thing most of us dread and something we put off – the housework. It just NEVER ends! There’s always something that needs fixing, cleaning or organising. Get a free pass this Mother’s Day from the daily chores.

#6. Some Time to Read Your Book

best mother's day gifts

If you’re reading a book, being able to get through a couple of chapters without being interrupted (or falling asleep!) is an amazing gift. Time out to read your book should be separate from your “me” time because you deserve the break.

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#7. A Handmade Card

Doesn’t your heart just explode when you open your child’s card and you see their cute quirky drawing and squiggly handwriting? Soon, they’ll be perfecting their penmanship or buying you a Mother’s Day card, so embrace their efforts while they’re still little.

#8. Lots of Hugs and Kisses

If you have a teen, pre-teen, child, toddler or baby, request lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day – after all, they are the ones that gave us the pleasure of being a mum.

#9. No Breakfast in Bed

best mother's day gifts

This one might be a bit controversial but eating off a tray can be uncomfortable and the crumbs in bed are just a nightmare to clean. If you’re anyway clumsy, you know that half your breakfast could end up on your bedspread by the time you’re finished. Eating as a family at the kitchen table can be just as special and if any accidents do occur, they’re much easier to clean up (by someone else today!).

#10. Not Making the Plans

Mother’s Day can put pressure on mums to have the day organised and planned out. Whether it’s spending time with your own mother, making sure you’ve presents bought or arranging a day out for your own family. The one day you’re supposed to take off, ends up being your responsibility. One of the best gifts is having someone else take control of the details and allowing you to sit back and enjoy.

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Have your say! What are the best Mother’s Day gifts you have received? Do you agree with the best Mother’s Day gifts we have listed? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Best Mother's Day Gifts

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