10 of the Sweetest Mother’s Day Card Ideas for Kids


What Mum doesn’t love homemade mother’s day gifts and cards, created with love by their kids (and perhaps a bit of help from Dads – hint, hint!). We have found 10 of the Sweetest Mothers Day Card Ideas for Kids to make, and we bet they’ll bring Mum lots of joy!

mothers day card ideas

#1. Photo Flowers

These Photo Flowers are very easy to make and are a great Mother’s Day art & craft project for your child.


Smaller members of the household will enjoy drawing and carefully cutting out the flowers and sticking photos.

#2. One in a Minion

mothers day card ideasYou will need

  • a bottle cap
  • some yellow and blue paint
  • marker
  • paper and
  • glue

to make this adorable One in a Minion card. Instructions are on the Craftymorning.com website.

mothers day card ideas#3. Button Card

This is a nice idea for a Mothers Day Card. Take different sized buttons of the same colour. Find some patterned paper in the same colour. Cut out a square of the patterned paper and stick to the front of a card.

Glue a plain piece of coloured paper to write your message e.g. Happy Mother’s Day. Then stick the buttons along the plain band for a pretty decoration. Image found on Pinterest.

#4. Butterfly Hands

mothers day card ideasWhat a cute idea from Ourdailyobsessions.blogspot.com. Draw around your hands to make the butterfly’s wings. Cut out a body and antenna and draw eyes. Stick your butterfly together.

Then make a pretty patterned card and stick on this poem along with your butterfly:

This isn’t just a butterfly as you can plainly see.
I made it with my hand which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love especially to say,
I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day card ideas#5. I Love You Because

Make this sweet flap book using 4 strips of different coloured paper and a stapler.

Your child can draw and write different things that they love about Mum.

Full instructions on the Waywardgirlscrafts.com website.

You might also enjoy our Father’s Day Rosette Project

mothers day card ideas#6. You Are My Sunshine

All you need to make this sweet sunshine card is some pasta, yellow paint, card and markers.

Use a paper plate to hold the yellow paint and you can roll the pasta around in it with a paintbrush to coat the pasta thoroughly.

Make your card with a bright yellow circle for the sun.

Then when the pasta is dry, stick onto the card in a sun shape and write your message and don’t forget the smiley face!

mothers day card ideas#7. Picasso’s Hands

Inspired by Picasso’s Hands print, this idea comes from the Splishsplashsplatterart website.

First draw and paint a lovely bunch of flowers.

Then put your hand in paint and press it onto the bottom of the bunch on your card to make it look like the hand is holding the flowers.

mothers day card ideas#8. Mother’s Day Rosette

You’ll find full instructions to make a Best Grandma Ever rosette and Free Mother’s Day Printable on the club.chicacircle.com website.

A glue gun and paper cutter will make the project go faster but you could improvise and glue and cut by hand.

mothers day card ideas#9. My Mom

What about something very personal from your child? We put together a little sheet that your child can fill in about “My Mum”.

Download your free My Mum sheet here.

mothers day card ideas#10. 3D Flowers

The Celebrations.com website has step by step instructions for making this lovely 3-D flowers card.

Cut circles out then cut petals and bend them out for the 3-D effect. Then stick them on with stems and a hand made from tracing the outline of your hand.

Did you make any of these projects? Tell us how you got on in the comments below.

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