Crafts for Kids : Easy Father’s Day Rosette

Jill Holtz

May 30, 2011

father's day rossette crafts for kids

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Are you looking for Father’s Day crafts for kids ? This easy Father’s Day rosette is a lovely way to let Dad (and everyone else) know that he is the best, and it’s a fun “crafts for kids” project for children of all ages. 

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Easy Father’s Day Rosette Craft for Kids

You can make your rosette it as colourful as you like and decorate it in many different ways. Except for the glue, the rosette can be made entirely from recycled materials that you have around the house.

What You Need:

  • fathers day crafts rosetteUsed cereal box
  • Scissors (safety scissors for little ones)
  • Pages of old magazines, catalogues or flyers (you could also use craft paper, crepe paper or wrapping paper cut into rectangles)
  • PVA glue
  • String for hanging
  • Sticky tape

What To Do:

  1. Cut out two circles from the cereal box – one large and one small
  2. Go through the magazines and carefully tear out the pages you want to use.
  3. Make a fan from each page.
  4. Sort the fans into the order in which you would like them on the rosette.
  5. Put a good amount of glue on the larger of your two circles (squirt in squiggles around the circle is the most effective way).
  6. Gather 2 or 3 fans together at the bottom and place them onto the circle, with the ends of the fans at the centre of the circle.
  7. Press the paper onto the cardboard circle lightly but firmly, taking care not to completely flatten out the folds.
  8. Place another 2 or 3 fans next to the first group on the cardboard and press them into place.
  9. Continue until the circle is complete – this is your rosette.
  10. Place a stack of plates on top of the rosette and leave until the glue is dry and the paper is firmly in place.
  11. In the meantime, you can decorate the smaller circle for the centre of your rosette.  You can use photos of the kids, hand prints or finger prints, drawings, or write a message.
  12. When the circle is decorated, put a good amount of glue onto the back and place in the centre of the rosette, pressing down firmly.
  13. Again, place a stack of plates on top until the glue is dry and the centre of the rosette is firmly in place.
  14. Cut out two strips of paper to use as the ribbons and tape them to the back of the rosette when dry.
  15. Tape a loop to the back of the rosette and hang it where Dad can enjoy it!


–          For the circles, we used a dinner plate and a cereal bowl as templates
–          For the fans, we used pages from a catalogue, dimensions were approx. 23cm x 18cm
–          The finished rosette is approx. 40cm in diameter

Have you say! Did you made this for Father’s Day? Or do you have any other Father’s Day crafts for kids to do? Please tell us in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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