How to Make a St Brigids Cross


St Brigid is Ireland’s second most famous patron saint, after St Patrick, and her feast day is celebrated on 1st February. Here’s How to Make a St Brigids Cross.

Story of the Cross

Story tells that Brigid first started weaving a cross from rushes on the floor, when called to bedside of a dying, pagan chieftan. When he asked what she was doing, she told him the story of Jesus, and he converted before he died. The St Brigid’s Cross was traditionally hung above the entrances to houses, to invoke the help of St Brigid to ward off disease and fire. Rushes are used to make the St Brigid’s Cross, and these are collected from marsh land. If you don’t have rushes growing nearby, drinking straws are a good substitute.


  • 9 drinking staws
  • 4 small rubber bands,to tie up ends.


1. Hold one of the straws vertically. Fold a second straw in half. 2. Place the first vertical staw in the centre of the folded second straw. 3. Hold the centre overlap tightly between thumb and forefinger. 4. Turn the two straws held together 90 degrees anti-clockwise so that the open ends of the second straw are projecting vertically upwards. 5. Fold a third straw in half and over both parts of the second straw to lie horizontally from left to right against the first straw. Hold tight. 6. Holding the centre tightly, turn the three straws 90 degrees anti-clockwise so that the open ends of the third staw are pointing upwards. 7. Fold a new straw in half over and across all the staws pointing upwards. 9. Repeat the process of rotating all the straws 90 degrees anti-clockwise, adding a new folded straw each time until all nine straws have been used up to make the cross.(Add to the right, turn to the left) 10. Secure the arms of the cross with elastic bands. Trim the ends to make them all the same length. The cross is now ready to hang. Do remember to hold tighly in the centre otherwise ……..


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