How to Make a Christmas Wreath [Video]

Jill Holtz

December 14, 2014

how to make a christmas wreath

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Looking for instructions on how to make a Christmas Wreath? Fern, 9, and her mum Jill show you how to make a lovely Christmas wreath from collected foliage and leaves. Easy and fun!

how to make a christmas wreathWe went for a walk near our house and gathered a bag full of foliage.

Don’t forget to take some scissors and wear gloves as it helps when you are picking leaves.

We gathered ivy strands, long stems and leaves from bushes and some rosehips and red berry clusters. You will need a few longer stems to start your wreath but then you can poke in smaller shorter stems.

Fern had been making wreaths at school and had brought home a spare ring (made from wicker twigs bent in a circle shape and tied in 2 places).

You can use tinsel and other decorations of course, we just decided to go for a completely natural wreath.

In the end we hung it inside on the back of one of our doors, as we felt the toing and froing of our front door would probably knock it out of shape too quickly.

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Have you made a Christmas wreath before? Let us know your tips in the comments below.

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