How to Make a Pinata in the shape of Medusa!


October 20, 2011

how to make a pinata

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My son wanted a Percy Jackson themed birthday party and nothing else would do but a Medusa pinata! Here’s how to make a Pinata in the shape of Medusa:

Ok so off I go searching the internet – one for pictures of Medusa and two to see if anybody has created one of these before me that I could codge (no point in inventing the wheel!!). I am happy to report there are loads of articles on creating a piñata but Medusa piñatas were a little thin on the ground and the one or two that I found were very complicated and we needed a simple one as perseverance does run very well with my DS and projects.

What we did

  • We used cooked paste and we basically covered a balloon with newspapers and paper mache glue.
  • We hung the piñata up to dry and when we came back to it the balloon had burst and the piñata had cracked open. Ok so that solved the problem of making a hole for the sweets to go inside. Jelly snakes were inserted and we cellotaped the broken part of her head closed. It worked just fine.
  • We were going down the road of painting but a friend of ours made a mask out of thick art paper and attached some snakes on it. More snakes were cut out of thick art paper and attached it to the back. So Medusa had a lot of bald patches at the back of her head but I think the overall effect worked out ok. The boys seemed to think so when they started to bash her apart! (Anyway you always admire a work of art from the distance!)
  • Tip: The last layer should be with white paper if you want to paint the pinata.

Try it yourself it cost only a few Euros for the sweets, a little bit of imagination, hours of entertainment creating and a few minutes to break apart.

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Have you made a pinata before?  Tell us how you got on in the comments below

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