St Patrick’s Day Craft – Wall/Door Hanging


Are you looking for some easy St Patrick Day craft activities for kids? This St Patrick’s Day Wall/ Door Hanging is an easy to make project especially for the smaller members of the household who will enjoy cutting and sticking.


  • One Paper Plate
  • Heavy Paper or Light Card (can use Green/White paper)
  • Glue stick or Double sided sticky tape
  • Green Ribbon
  • Paint/Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Leaves (Optional)


  1. Cut out middle of paper plate
  2. Colour the remainder green, using paint or crayons, and allow to dry (if paint)
  3. On heavy paper, trace circles using an egg cup(or similar round size), and inside draw shamrocks.
  4. Colour in the shamrocks if using white paper
  5. Cut out the circle with shamrocks inside (the circle shape just makes easier to cut out)
  6. Glue/Stick these shamrocks all around the plate.
  7. If children want to collect leaves, can glue/stick these to plate also. Or use their imagination with any green/festive items.
  8. Punch some holes on side and tie on some of the green ribbon – curl (using edge/blade of a scissors – big people only!)
  9. For hanging – Punch hole at top of plate and loop ribbon through and tie.

With thanks to All Things Crafty

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