Superhero Photo Booth Fun


It’s week 6 of Survive the Summer with Mykidstime. Each week we’ll bring you ideas for summer activities for kids, and this week we are enjoying Superhero photo booth fun!

You’ll find instructions on making superhero masks and cuffs on our Week 1 Superhero activities.

Here’s a nice example of a photo booth backdrop that we found on Flikr (eatprayparty) which is easy to make out of a large sheet of paper or cardboard with some paints and then cut out the hole for your superhero to show their mask off:

super hero photobooth

Or we love this one made with a blue sheet and clouds and buildings made out of cardboard!


Once you’re all set up with your backdrop and your superhero has changed their costume (in a phone booth of course!) then enjoy posing and snapping your superhero photos!

Then how about making some Super Hero cookies? (with a glass of milk of course) and enjoy more fun summer activities on our Survive the Summer page.

Did you enjoy doing Super Hero Photo Booths with the kids? Tell us in the comments below.

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