Take Up Not Give Up This Lent

Lent take up not give up

Lent is upon us and Catholics around the world will begin the 40 day Lenten journey by making a sacrifice or change to their usual lifestyle. Giving up sweet things, alcohol, device time and other treats are all up for grabs. But this year, how about turning Lent on its head and Take Up Not Give Up This Lent? By take up I mean getting fit and active together with friends or family members and there are plenty of worthy causes you can help along the way.

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Tips on How to Take Up Not Give Up this Lent

  • Before embarking on any new exercise regime, make sure to seek medical advice.
  • Recruit friends or family to join you for motivation. Maybe your walking partner or book club would be up for a new challenge?
  • Set goals to work towards
  • See what charities you can help
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve
  • Have set times during the week to do your activity so you are less likely to make excuses
  • Get the right equipment for your chosen activity
  • Sign up for an event in the future so you are less likely to quit.

Something to Aim For

Lent Take Up not Give Up

It is important to have a goal in mind to aim for when you take up a new challenge. We are here to help! Below is a round up of events taking place in Ireland this year that men, women and children could sign up to take part in. Most have a charity element, so not only are you getting fit, but you are helping worthy causes too!

You could consider supporting one of our Mykidstime Charities of The Year 2017 by raising funds for them through taking part in one of the events listed below.

cystic fibrosis ireland

For more information and to donate online visit www.cfireland.ie, follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CysticFibrosisIreland and on Twitter at @cf_ireland.


To find out more and donate online visit www.icanireland.ie. Follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/icanireland and on Twitter at @iCANIreland.

VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

The VHI Women’s Mini Marathon takes place in Dublin on June 5th 2017. Registration for the event takes place from March 1st 2017.

Consider running it for a charity.

Tough Mudder

Sign up to take part in the Tough Mudder event in Loughcrew House on July 8th or 9th 2017. Or if you don’t feel ready for 10 miles of mud  and challenges, you could start with the Tough Mudder Half, new this year. And you could get the whole family involved too as kids can take part in Mini Mudder!

Again you could consider participating on behalf of a charity.

tough mudder 2017

Run Ireland

Run Ireland have a list of events to suit all ages and abilities that are taking place across the country in 2017. Events include Night Runs, Duathlon’s, Forest 5k runs, Half Marathons, Fun Runs, 5k, 8k and 10k runs and even 3 Marathons in 2 days! And a Christmas Turkey Trot in Sligo!

Parkrun Ireland

Park run Ireland hold a series of 5k runs on Saturday mornings in open spaces around the country. And for those aged 4 to 14 years, check out the Junior Parkrun events.

Lent Take Up not Give Up

Swim for A Mile

If you want to get fit and improve your swimming, check out Swim for a Mile, a 12 week swimming programme delivered to your inbox! Register to take part in an organised Swim for A Mile event at your local pool in March 2017 if you need to be motivated.

swim for a mile

The Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford

For cycle enthusiasts you could consider getting on your bike for the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford this August 19th & 20th 2017. With courses over 12km, 50km, 100km and 160km there really is one to suit all ages and abilities.

Cycle with Kids

To find more events and worthy causes to support in your ‘Take Up Not Give Up This Lent’ campaign check out Discover Ireland’s Endurance Events Listings.

Just For Fun

Free Things to Do with Kids Family Exercise

You may want to start small and that is fine too. Even getting out and about for a brisk daily walk or a kick about with the kids for 30 minutes can quickly improve your health and fitness levels. Or you may decide to take up a new sport or hobby such as yoga, martial arts, tennis etc.

Check out Dan’s Summer Fitness Series for a few guidelines on getting started.

Lent is a great time to get started and to get the kids involved!

So agree a timetable, pick an activity and let us know in the comments box below what you have chosen to do for Take Up Not Give Up This Lent! And keep us up-to-date on social media using our hashtag #takeupnotgiveup.

Lent take up not give up this lent