10 of the Best Family Rides in Florida Theme Parks

Theme Parks Florida

There are so many Florida Theme Parks to choose from with hundreds of rides and attractions to suit everyone in the family. But which ones are best for kids? We’ve got the lowdown on 10 of the Best Family Rides in Florida Theme Parks. Check out if your favourite ride is on the list!

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#1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Universal

Florida Theme Parks Harry Potter

For any Harry Potter fans out there, get a Universal Studios / Universal Islands of Adventure park to park ticket and hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and steam your way from Kings Cross Station to Hogsmeade! And when you get there, there are multiple rides to choose from, including our favourite, the amazing adventure ride inside Hogwarts Castle.

#2. Antarctica Empire of the Penguin – Seaworld

Florida Theme Parks Seaward

Wrap up warm and enter the icy world of Antarctica on your very own moving car in Seaworld. Choose a wild or mild ride, depending on how daring you are, and see the majestic South Pole through the eyes of a penguin named Puck.

After your ride, visit with real live penguins in their icy habitat and enjoy their antics, while you get some great pictures to show all your friends back home.

#3. Test Track at Future World – Epcot

Florida Theme Parks Epcot

Too young to drive on the open road? Well now is your chance to get behind the wheel and test drive you own futuristic car with all the family aboard. The thrilling Test Track ride in Future World at Epcot has some small drops and twists, but is suitable for all ages. You can also use the interactive zone to create your dream car!

#4. Loggerhead Lane – Aquatica

Florida Theme Parks Aquaticia

Experience an underwater world of exotic tropical fish from the comfort of your very own raft as you glide down Loggerhead Lane, Aquatica at a leisurely pace. A truly unique experience.

#5. Blastaway Beach – Wet’nWild

Florida Theme Parks Wet n Wild

Blastaway Beach at Wet’nWild is the largest family water play area at any of the Florida theme parks. It has a six story castle, 160 interactive water elements, 15 slides for you to race each other on and 2 pools to choose from. This truly family friendly area really does offer hours of fun for kids and big kids.

#6. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train- Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Florida Theme Parks Disney Magic Kingdom

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s off to work we go…. Take a trip though the Diamond mines with Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs, Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful and Dopey. Hop aboard the Mine Train in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, for the trip of a lifetime, twisting and turning through the mines. You will climb mountains and glide back down again on this family friendly ride.

#7. Sand Serpent – Busch Gardens

Florida Theme Parks Busch Gardens

With drops, curves and corkscrew turns, the Sand Serpent Coaster in Pantopia at Bush Gardens will thrill all ages. Best of all this coaster climbs 5 stories before bringing you back down to earth. Get a unique view of the park from the top.

#8. Kali River Rapids Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Florida Theme Parks Disney Animal Kingdom

The whole family can cool off on the Kali River Rapid Ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Take an adventurous trip down the Chakranadi River, through rapids and the mysterious forest beyond, until you come to the hand painted Asian Temple. This gentle ride has a few surprises along the way but is great for all ages.

#9. Flying School – Legoland

Florida Theme Parks Legoland

Climb aboard and strap yourself in for your flying lesson aboard the suspended Flying School Coaster in Legoland. Experience the thrill of letting your feet dangle mid air as you fly along the track and wave to your family below.

#10. Shuttle Launch Experience – Kennedy Space Centre

Florida Theme Parks Kennedy Space Centre

Become an astronaut on a shuttle, fueled and ready to head into space. Hold your nerve as the final countdown starts before blasting you into orbit! You will feel g-forces and speed like never before but weightlessness takes over once your reach orbit and you will literally float in your seat! See Earth through an astronaut’s eyes and see if you get bitten by the space bug at the Shuttle Launch Experience at Kennedy Space Centre.

Which of these  Florida Theme Parks would you like to go on? Let us know in the comments box below.

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