10 Good Reasons to Holiday with a Toddler or Baby

Jill Holtz

January 29, 2012

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Holidaying once you become a parent is a whole new experience. Obviously there are some holidays not suitable for small children. Skiing with a newborn or a tour of the clubs in San Antonio with a toddler are probably not the best idea but for the majority of holidays, a baby or toddler is a great holiday companion! Here are 10 good reasons to holiday with a toddler or bring baby with you!

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1. It is possible to travel light with small children

Here’s a secret, no matter what country you are travelling too, there are children there too. So absolutely no need to laden yourself down with nappies, food, chairs – buy them there.

#2. Under 2’s are free

On all flights you only pay taxes and charges for an under two. Hotels do not charge for under 2’s (and a little bit older, in my experience).

Buses, trains, ferries generally don’t charge for small people.

#3. You can make decisions without compromising!

With older children you have to give into going to waterparks, loud “fun” restaurants, five swims a day. Younger children, generally speaking, don’t have opinions on where to eat and where to go.

There will be no “I’m soooooooo bored” or “Are we there yet?”

#4. It is still possible to have quiet time!

We had a gorgeous family holiday when our youngest was a baby. Every night we went out for dinner with the baby all dressed for bed and tucked up in her pram. By the time we would walk to a restaurant, she would be fast asleep. Pram beside table, baby asleep. Evening meal in peace and quiet.

#5. Other travellers are generally very helpful.

In my experience, travelling with small children has been relatively easy.  I have been urged to the top of a Ryanair boarding queue many times when holding a baby. Another bonus, people without children generally avoid you when on board, so you are a lot more likely to end up on a row of seats to yourself when people kindly offer to swap.

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#6. It’s a great experience for a baby/small child

They will enjoy new scenary, beaches, swimming, travelling – I have never seen anyone more excited than my 2 year old son on an plane!

#7. Quality Time Together

It’s quality family time together away from the hustle and bustle of real life.

#8. You get to see your child in cute little shorts and beachwear!

Not a possibility with Irish summers of late…

#9. What’s the alternative?

Don’t holiday at all? No thanks! Or leave the baby at home? Not a possibility for a lot of people due to childcare/babysitting, never mind, the worst guilt of all – mammy guilt, which would ruin a holiday for me.

#10. It’s an Adventure!

Holidaying with small children is an adventure in itself! Embrace it and enjoy!

Over to you now. Have you holidayed with under 3’s? Share your experience in the comments below

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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