10 Stockholm Restaurants That are Child-Friendly

Jill Holtz

August 1, 2015

stockholm restaurants

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If you’re planning a visit to Stockholm with the family and need some ideas for where to eat, we asked mum of two and Stockholm resident Filippa to give us some of her tips. Here are 10 Stockholm Restaurants That Are Child-Friendly:

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#1. Kungshallen

At Kungshallen you’ll find lots of different restaurants and eateries over 3 floors, from Texas Longhorn to Tzatziki Greek Grill & Bar. You’ll find Cajun, Sushi, Indian, Thai, Pizza, Kebab, Burgers and more.

Kungsgatan 44, 111 35 Stockholm

#2. Restaurant Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is like “Thailand in a mini format”. It is beach-themed and kids will enjoy the feature tuk-tuk & classic Southeast Asian menu.

Skånegatan 57, 116 37 Stockholm

#3. Chutney

chutney stockholmA good vegetarian restaurant, Chutney has a nice outdoor eating area and you’ll find dishes inspired by India, Persia and Thailand.

Katarina Bangata 19, 116 39 Stockholm

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#4. Restaurant Rice

Restaurant Rice serves Asian dishes, mainly sushi, my kids love this place, and it’s not expensive.

Nybrogatan 16, 114 39 Stockholm

#5. Creperie Fyra Knop

We love going to Creperie Fyra Knop for a variety of crepes and galettes (and it’s also very inexpensive which is great).

Svartensgatan 4, 116 20 Stockholm

#6. Lasse i parken

Lasse i parken is such a nice place to go with the kids. It’s basically a lovely small red cottage, and you can sit and eat in the garden. The food is simple and delicious.

Högalidsgatan 56, 117 30 Stockholm

#7. Bistro Ruby

Bistro & Grill Ruby offer US Southern down-home style, or French home cooking side by side in the Gamla Stan. Great place for brunch, it’s very laid back.

Österlånggatan 14, 111 31 Stockholm

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#8. Fotografisk at Fotografiska Museum

Fotografiska is The Swedish Museum of Photography, and their cafe Fotografisk is lovely and looks out over the water with one of the most beautiful views in Stockholm. They serve salads and pastries.

Stadsgårdshamnen 22 Stockholm

#9. Vapiano

Vapiano serves pizzas and pastas which they make to order while you watch and wait. Kids will love the watching part but you do have to wait in line for your dish to be ready. You get a card and your food & drink orders are added to it and you then pay when you leave by turning the card in. Look out for the free gummy bears at the cashier.

Munkbrogatan 8, 114 27 Stockholm

#10. Urban Deli

Urban Deli is a nice deli located in Nytorget in Sodermalm (and a 2nd location outside the city i Sickla) with classic Swedish dishes in their restaurant or you can pick up picnic ingredients for your own lunch outdoors.

Nytorget 4, 116 40 Stockholm

Swedish Food

You may be familiar with meatballs or Kjöttbullar from visits to IKEA, usually served with gravy, mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam but here are some other things to try while you are in Stockholm:

  • Knäckebröd is crispbread and can come with any type of topping.
  • shrimpYou’ll have to try Swedish shrimp (räkor) as they are really delicious. They usually come cooked in their shells and you peel off the shells to reveal the juicy plump interior.
  • Open sandwiches are popular, for example, shrimp sandwich (räksmörgås).
  • Waffles or våfflor are delicious topped with whipped cream and cloudberry jam
  • Raggmunk are grated, fried potato cakes topped with lingonberries and crispy fried bacon
  • Prinsesstårta is the famous cake with layers of sponge cake, jam, almond paste, whipped cream, all covered in traditionally green marzipan.
  • You may have tried pickled herring but you won’t have tried the variety of pickled herring or Sill that the Swedes do.
  • Peasoup and pancakes (ärtsoppa och pannkakor) are a typical Thursday dish, very common and unpretentious.
  • Cinnamon rolls (Kanebullar) come twirled up and sprinkled with big sugar grains. October 4 is Sweden’s national day dedicated to these delicious pastries.

Over to you now! Have you eaten somewhere good in Stockholm that you would recommend as child-friendly? Share it with us in the comments below.

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