10 Tips to Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Fees

Jill Holtz

November 28, 2013

avoid paying excess baggage fees

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You’ve bought your cheap airline ticket, now you want to know how to avoid the stress of excess baggage fees. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid paying excess baggage fees for overweight luggage.avoid paying excess baggage fees

#1. Check Exactly What You’re Allowed

Check what is included in any checked bags and also for carry on. Different airlines have different allowances and different dimensions. If you think your bag is going to be overweight, sometimes you can pre-book excess baggage online or over the internet before it’s too late rather than having to shell out a fortune on the day.

#2. Weigh Your Bags

Buy a portable set of luggage scales that you can use to check all your bags before you set off and before you return.

#3. Buy Small Bottles of Toiletries

Small bottles of toiletries help keep the weight down, you can always buy what you need when you arrive and use on your holidays. Plus if they are under the 100ml limit you could put some into your carry on.

#4. Use Your Carry-on Bag Wisely

Put as much heavy stuff into your carry on as you can. Be careful though not to exceed the carry on allowance and some airlines will ask to weigh if they think it exceeds. Make sure not to look as if it’s heavy too!

#5. Consider a Kindle instead of Traditional Books

If you’re an avid reader on holiday, then a Kindle or e-reader can help to keep the luggage weight down. No more heavy books to lug!

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#6. Check What’s Available at The Destination

You might not need to bring hair dryers or towels if they are supplied at your hotel or holiday home.

#7. Buy Inexpensive Beach Towels at the Destination

Consider buying beach towels when you arrive instead of carrying them and just leave them behind.

#8. Invest in Lighter Luggage

Invest in lighter luggage if you travel regularly. A kilo of difference in your case weight can mean more available weight for your clothes and belongings.

#9. Cut Down What You’re Bringing

Lay out all the clothes and belongings you are thinking of bringing then take at least 1/2 away and see if you think you can manage. You can always find somewhere to wash clothes while away if needed.

#10. Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Use vacuum seal bags to flatten out items as much as possible and make room for more, you might be able to fit a few extra things into your carry on for example than if they were at their usual size which can free up space in the main case.

Do you have any tips for keeping your luggage weight down? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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