8 Top Reasons Why Families Should Consider Ferry Travel to France


February 26, 2016

Brittany ferries

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If you’re considering taking the family on a summer trip to France this year, then you might want to consider ferry travel to France. With so many low-cost airlines up and running, it’s natural to assume that a quick hop on the plane represents the best way to travel. But when you factor in the transfers, the check-in, the delays, the baggage restrictions and so on…well, here are 8 top reasons why families should consider ferry travel to France instead:

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#1. Travelling with kids by ferry is “easy peasy”

By ferry, travelling with kids becomes an absolute joy from start to finish. For one thing, you get to start your holiday the moment you step on-board, with a world of entertainment awaiting.

#2. Kids will enjoy the adventure

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about restless kids being strapped to their seats for the duration of the journey – the whole ship is one big adventure playground!

#3. No baggage weight restrictions!

Not only this, but you’re free to load the car up with as much baggage as you like! You can even take the bikes along for the ride, if you fancy.

#4. No hassle

You don’t need to get yourselves, the kids, the bags from the airport car park to the terminal, then through the security queues then through the terminal to the gate then down onto the tarmac and up the steps onto the plane – you simply drive on!

#5. No standing in queuing systems

The only queue you’ll need to be in is the one to get onto the ferry and you can wait in the comfort of your own car instead of standing!

family on ferry

#6. You’ll save money on car hire

With no car hire to worry about on the other side, you stand to save a small fortune, between car hire, car seat rentals and extra insurance.

#7. No airline food

Don’t like airline food? With ferry travel, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in world-class fine dining and get a real taste for the continent, before you’ve ever arrived.

#8. Arrive refreshed

For longer crossings, book the family a cosy overnight cabin and ensure you arrive beautifully refreshed, ready to get the very most out of your holiday!

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry VS Plane to France

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