Why Cape Verde Makes an Ideal Family Holiday Destination

Jill Holtz

September 4, 2016

cape verde

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Most people are familiar with the Canary Islands as a suitable family holiday location but have you ever considered Cape Verde? Here is why Cape Verde makes an ideal family holiday destination:

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With all the natural beauty of the nearby Canary Islands, but with a much less conspicuous tourist presence and a unique authentic charm, Cape Verde makes an ideal family holiday destination. Not only does the island chain boast year-long sunshine, and one of the most developed governments of any African nation, it also has an abundance of things to do and see.

It’s easy to see why the small nation’s reputation with holiday makers is growing annually. And there are plenty reasons why you should opt for a Cape Verdean adventure for your next family break.

Why Visit Cape Verde?

White Sandy Beaches and Lush Landscapes

While it may lack the water parks and funfairs of Tenerife or Lanzarote, it more than makes up for it in the unspoilt beauty of the white sandy beaches that line its ten islands.

Beyond the beach you’ll discover a dramatic and enchanting natural beauty whether it’s in the lush green gorges of Santo Antão, the barren otherworldly caldera of Pico de Fogo, or the uninhabited desert of Boa Vista.

With such variety across the archipelago, Cape Verde is a destination that rewards multiple visits, but even if you only adventure there once, you’ll have memorable time.

cape verde

Untouched Charm

While Cape Verde has come on leaps and bounds as a tourist destination over the last few years, it still has an untouched charm that other tourist hotspots would kill for. Take the beaches of its most northern island Sal for example.

The island has a number of well-visited resorts, but you can easily find a section of beach all to yourself. It can even feel like you’re the only person on the island!

cape verde

The Activities

Cape Verde is packed full of exciting activities to enjoy. What it lacks in the commercial developments it makes up for in the range of authentic pursuits to entertain kids of all ages. From more sedate activities like beach fishing, to exciting ones like quad biking through the desert or taking a submarine trip to some of the shipwrecks that adorn the ocean floor.

For older kids there is a world of watersports to enjoy. Find windsurfing lessons at the Riu Touareg Hotel, to surfing off the coast of Sal. Alternatively, if you’d rather have a more relaxing time at sea you could join an excursion and set sail on a Catamaran. There’s no better way to see Cape Verde’s rugged coast and glistening beaches.

cape verde boats

The Food

Thanks to the Portuguese and West African influences, Cape Verde has developed a uniquely delicious and hearty cuisine. There are plenty of excellent restaurants to be found, and as you’d expect for an island nation, the fresh seafood is the biggest draw.

Expect to be amazed by the quality of the shrimps, calamari, and lobster that you’ll find. Make sure and try the country’s national dish, capucha rica. It is a slow cooked fish stew whose earthy flavours in many ways embody the taste of Cape Verde as a whole.

As its popularity grows every year, consider a family holiday to Cape Verde before it gets too popular so you can enjoy the authentic charms of this island nation for yourself. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


Images by rey perezosa, imk.stahlmann, & Caroline Granycome used under Creative Commons license.

cape verde

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