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October 20, 2018

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We all have to do long car journeys with children from time to time so to help with passing the time and keep the “are we there yet” at bay, we’ve created a free downloadable set of car games for kids with fun puzzles that you can print out. That may help to keep them occupied for a little while during the next car journey!

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Car journeys with kids can sometimes be a bit stressful, so it’s good to have something that you can produce half way through to distract and occupy them. We’ve created a free car journey puzzles sheet that’s perfect for solving this problem!

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Free Car Games for Kids Sheet

We have compiled this fun free sheet with puzzles and games on it that your child can play as you travel along.

They will need a pen or pencil to play. Simply print off our sheet and take it along with something to lean on.

car games for kids free download

Download your free Car Games for Kids free Car Games for Kids sheet to play word games, the box game, i spy and more!

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Have your say! Do you have any other favourite car games for kids that you like to play when travelling? Tell us in the comments below.

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