Top 10 Essentials for Travelling With Toddlers & Babies


April 27, 2012

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Travelling anywhere with a very young child can be taxing, and it becomes even more complicated when you’re hampered by the limits of air travel. You can only bring so much on to the plane with you, so it helps to know just the essentials. Here’s our top 10 essential picks of what to bring if you are travelling with a baby or preschooler.

We have broken down the list into two groups – one for travelling with infants and one for flying with toddlers.

 5 carry-on essentials for flying with infants and babies

#1. Nappies and wipes

One for every hour of travel plus an additional five for unexpected delays. Why not use a handy Ruby and Ginger Nappy Purse to carry them in?

#2. An adequate food supply

Babies are not limited by the liquid rule so be sure to bring enough formula, including some extra for possible delays.

#3. Extra clothes

Also bring a change of clothes for you in case the baby spits up.

#4. Ziploc bags

For soiled clothes, soiled nappies and leftover snacks.

#5. Airplane Seat

For example, the Flyebaby Airplane Seat – this ingenious hammock style seat keeps baby happy and sleeping and you stress and hands free. It easily packs into your carryon nappy bag.

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5 carry-on essentials for travelling with a toddler

#6. Snacks

Think on the healthy side; save the sugar treat for your destination… You don’t want them doing somersaults in the aisle.

#7. Entertainment

The LittleJetSetter Grab and Go Pack Includes Reusable Sticker Sets, Magnet Play Scenes, Crayons and Doodle Area, Cuddly Toy, Disposable Bibs and Change Mats, All Natural Travel Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitiser Gel and a Travel Toy Clip to keep everything off the airplane floor

#8. Refillable water bottles with sports top

Bring them empty through security and ask the air cabin crew to fill for you.

#9. Pillow and Blanket

Something soft and familiar as often airplane-provided blankets can be itchy and prevent them from falling asleep

#10. A CARES harness

This is an acronym for Child Aviation Restraint System. It’s a one pound device that becomes a seat belt harness for kids 22-44lbs. It straps around the airplane seat and easily packs into your carry-on handbag.

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Check out Kidstravelysafely for all the products mentioned

If you have a tip on travelling with children or a product you would recommend please let us know in the comments below

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