Traveling with Baby Made Easy

Jill Holtz

October 20, 2011

traveling with baby

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Travel with your baby may feel daunting but with a bit of organisation and planning it can be very rewarding. Here are some tips for traveling with baby made easy:

Just because your family is young is no reason to stop travelling! Travel with a baby or toddler entails organisation, that’s for sure, but as the equipment available today is so great, it makes that trip so much easier: baby backpacks, lightweight buggies, pop up travel cots, baby sunglasses …

Don’t underestimate how extremely rewarding travel with a baby can be, especially in countries where people tend to dote on babies.  The downside is that it does require some advance planning. Aisling O’Donoghue from Baby Travel Shop has put together some tips on traveling with baby made easy:

#1. Choose Your Baby Friendly Holiday Location Wisely

Crèche facilities, babysitting, kids clubs and pools should all be on the tick list.

#2. Choose an Easy Option for your Holiday

A cruise, sun holiday, family resorts, family camping, all-inclusive packages are all recommended for the young family. Confirm when you book that they will have a cot, highchairs etc. to lighten your packing load and save on excess baggage charges!

#3. Compile a packing checklist in advance

Make sure to make a list just so you don’t forget anything.

#4. Bring along anything your baby can’t live without

Their favourite blanket, enough formula for the entire trip if you are not breastfeeding, cereals they like etc.

#5. Plan for the unexpected and give yourself plenty of time.

Arrive at the airport early, don’t leave yourself rushed or stressed. Check in advance if the airport has any baby facilities or information for parents travelling with babies.

#6. Plan Travel During Sleep Time

Babies can become over-stimulated during travel so try to plan longer flights during times they might be naturally sleeping to allow them that much needed rest.

#7. Board the Plane last!

Even if the attendants call out for families of young children to board first, let your travelling partner go ahead and pack away cabin baggage, small children don’t need to be in a confined space for any longer than necessary.

#8. And Finally

When you arrive at your holiday destination, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Items to consider taking when traveling with baby:


  • Babies’ temperatures need to be controlled, a lightweight sleeping bag is highly recommended for warmer climates and you should consider a 1 tog or 0.5 tog.
  • If the hotel/apartments are providing a travel cot, always bring a fitted sheet with you as hotels often use a bigger sheet around the mattress, which can lead to the baby wrapping itself in the sheet.
  • Black out blind, this is the miracle product for any family travelling. You can keep that early morning sunshine out of your room everyone will get a longer night’s sleep.

Out and about/Beach

  • Babies need to be fully clothed when in sunny climes, you need to ensure they wear a hat all the time and sun protection clothing on the beach or at the pool.
  • All exposed areas need to be covered in sun cream minimum 50+, but ideally a baby will not spend too much time in the sun.
  • Cooling down in the pool with Mum and Dad is safe and fun for all with a trainer seat swim ring.
  • The hood on most prams is not sufficient to keep the sun fully off the baby, so don’t leave home without a Sunshade (modern day effective parasol). The Rayshade is highly recommended.


  • If you have an apartment with a microwave, steriliser bags are excellent and you get 20 uses from one bag.
  • Another excellent option is the Milton steriliser tablets.


  • Use a Car seat bag so your car seat doesn’t get damaged during transit.
  • A Baby Carrier is handy to keep your arms free when travelling through the airport and give the baby comfort when boarding and disembarking the plane.
  • You might also consider a Buggy bag to prevent your buggy from being damaged during transit, so just take it to the door of the plane and put the buggy into the bag.

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Have you any tips for traveling with baby? Share them with us in the comments below.

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