How to Create a Viral Video in 5 Easy Steps

Jill Holtz

April 25, 2016

how to create a viral video

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Like this? Share it with your network!


Last weekend we were approached through our Mykidstime Facebook page by Epic Productions Ireland who asked us if we would like to share a video that they had made for Dan Sweeney Personal Training, all about sugar and kids. Dan Sweeney, in partnership with Naomi Sirmans of Mosaic Marketing, wanted to come up with a low budget branding video with viral potential. After a concept development meeting with Epic Productions the sugar content idea was devised, and ten days later the finished video was ready to go public.

We posted it on our Facebook page on Monday and I’m pleased to report that it has gone viral. At time of writing it has had

  • 12,080,468 post reach
  • 192,246 reactions

It’s always so interesting to look at why a piece of content does go viral on social media so watch the video for yourself and then read my thoughts on how to create a viral video in 5 easy steps.

#1. Tell a simple story with a twist

The story line of this video is easy to understand and it’s also impactful straight away. The minute you see the first sugar pouring out you are shocked, which is what is intended. But they have also kept the story line simple, it’s just a family in the morning getting ready for their day, so instantly you can identify.

Remember, it’s the “something that stops you in your tracks” that makes it more likely to be shared too.

#2. Make sure it looks good

It is a good looking video. The kitchen is lovely, the people are nicely dressed and cute (Indeed a few comments on our post ask “why aren’t the family fatter if they are eating all that sugar”!) and it’s nicely shot in the one room.

Of course good-looking people aren’t totally necessary but appealing visuals and background help entice people to watch and if the message is strong too then they will share.

#3. Try to make it on-topic

Healthy eating and childhood obesity are big topics at the moment. People are worried about these issues.

This video taps into the concerns that people have at this time and by showing them and educating them it is more likely to be shared.

#4. Help people

Although nutritional education is more available these days, there’s still a lot of confusion about what is good and what is not.

This video shows very clearly and simply how much sugar is in a bowl of children’s breakfast cereal, in a nutella sandwich, in a can of soda and in a jar of baby food. This helps you understand instantly whereas reading e.g. “20g of sugar in 100ml serving” on a label does not.

This means the share-factor is also likely to be higher because people want to pass it on to others to be helpful.

#5. Share it on a very engaged Facebook page

We posted it on our Mykidstime Facebook page which not only has large numbers but more importantly continues to have engaged fans. Those engaged fans are more likely then to share something they think other people will find helpful.

You can see it in the way they are tagging other people to look at it in the comments on the post. Tagging other people indicates brand trust, they are happy to pass it on.

Well done (and thank you) to Dan Sweeney and Epic Productions for a marvellous piece of content. We just got them that bit of momentum to get it out there.

You can contact Epic Productions Ireland on their website at and on Facebook too.

Over to you now – what did you think of the video? Tell us in the comments below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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