Mykidstime Blogger Writing Guidelines

Jennifer Buttner


October 20, 2013

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Welcome to the Mykidstime Blogger Writing Guidelines. Here we outline the style of Mykidstime blogs and below are 10 simple steps on how to submit a post to Mykidstime. If you would like to write for us, click here.

Blog Requirements

1. Blog Post Length

Preferably your blog post(s) should be between 200 – 900 words, though it does really depend on the post.

2. Post Content

We will only publish blog posts that are relevant to our parent audience.

Note : If copying in content from elsewhere, please first copy content into notepad to remove formatting, and then paste from notepad.

3. Images

  • We will add imagery to blog after you have submitted your blog for review.
  • If you want to supply licensed stock photography or have permission to use an image with owners consent please let us know, and we will add to blog.
  • Because of copyright issues Mykidstime will select licensed stock imagery to accompany your post after you have submitted your post. That avoids us paying big fines for image infringement.

4. SEO & Keywords

  • Please ensure your post is SEO’d correctly, using WordPress SEO by Yoast tool(covered below). For SEO help here are a few easy videos to help you learn the basics.
  • It is very important to have a good enticing title  – we like the tweakyourbiz title generator and the suggestions here to ensure strong enticing titles.
  • Your keyword needs to be in the title ideally and also in the body text section.
  • Good SEO means we should repeat the keyword at least once

5. Your Blog being Published

Mykidstime does not guarantee that your blog post will be published. Nor can we guarantee a date of publication. Your post will remain in a state of “Pending Review”. If your post is published, Mykidstime will notify you on the day of publication.

6. Editing Your Blog

Mykidstime reserves the right to edit posts after they have been submitted. Edits may include (but not limited to) changes to post titles, content editing/restructuring/reformatting, removal of images etc.

7. Why was my post not published?

We do not give any specific reasons as to why user generated posts are not published in the Mykidstime blog. (A common reason is that the content is not relevant to our parent audience.) We do suggest that users read some of the existing posts on the Mykidstime Blog in order to get a feel for what content we do publish. You may submit additional posts for review but again, we cannot guarantee these posts will be published.

If you get stuck, if you have questions, or if you are looking for feedback, you can e-mail

How to Submit a Blog Post


Go to


Input your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click “Log in”.



Once you have logged in, it will bring you back to the Forum page. Before you submit your post, you need to go back to main editor dashboard, using this url again


Welcome to the Mykidstime dashboard. From here we can submit a new blog post to be be considered for the Mykidstime blog. Click “Posts”.



Click “Add new”



Give your blog post a “title”, ensuring title is strong and enticing, and contains keyword (as outlined above).



Type the introduction to your post here.

Points to note:

• The start of your blog must contain an introduction paragraph – usually 2-4 sentences.
• This introduction paragraph must contain some of your keywords, and your title.
• Insert the Read More Tag at end of your introduction (this will appear as a dashed line under your introduction)



Type the post content under Read More tag.

Points to Note

• Use H2 for Headings, and H3 for Sub-Headings
• Paragraphs should be 2-5 sentences in length.
• We will select the image(s) to accompany your post after you have submitted your blog post (see above re imagery)



Leave categories and tags empty – we will select those after you have submitted your blog post.



Successfully SEO your post, and fill in the Word Press SEO by Yoast section.

Points to Note :

• Input keyword for post, selecting keyword from dropdown menu. Keywords should be relevant to the content of the post (Note : For SEO help there are a few easy videos to help you learn the basics:
• Input Meta Description to describe post (generally similar/shortened version of the introduction paragraph, and do not exceed 156 characters.


Note : At this stage if SEO is done correctly, SEO should be good(green) at top right of post.



Once you are happy with your post click “Submit for review”. Remember you can preview your post at any stage before submitting by clicking “Preview”.
NB: If you do not see the “Submit for review” button, simply click the “Save” button, “Save As Draft” button or “Update” button.

Thanks for submitting your blog post to Mykidstime. We will notify you when your post is published to the Mykidstime blog.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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