6 of the Most Child Friendly Youtube Channels for Minecraft


May 9, 2017

youtube channels for minecraft

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Minecraft has become hugely popular with children with many kids spending screen time playing or watching and interacting with Minecraft videos. There are literally thousands of YouTube channels for Minecraft on offer and some are just not suitable for younger Minecrafters. So, we have put together a round up of 6 of the most child friendly YouTube channels for Minecraft which are fine for both younger and older members of the family to enjoy.

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#1. ChooChoos Gaming

Choo Choo is an Irish YouTuber who interacts live with other users while they play Minecraft and they help each out with the game.

There are ads on some of his videos before you can watch them.

#2. Stampylonghead

Stampylonghead known by most as Stampy uploads daily videos to his YouTube channel for Minecraft. He uploads other videos too for Lego Worlds, Pokemon and Zelda. Children around the world follow him.

His Minecraft videos are suitable for children of all ages but some have advertising messages within them and also before they launch.

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#3. AmyLee 33

Amy’s YouTube channel for Minecraft is very child friendly and is popular with younger kids. She uploads new Minecraft videos daily and interacts with other Minecraft youtubers online. She has a virtual Minecraft family which she interacts on her videos.

There is some advertising on some of the videos before you can view them.

#4. TheDiamondMinecraft

The DiamondMinecraft is also known as DanTDM and posts videos on new Minecraft features regularly.

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#5. NettyPlays

Netty Plays uploads daily to her YouTube channel on Minecraft. She interacts with other users to take part in challenges and help other users to navigate Minecraft.

Her channel is suitable for all ages.

#6. CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez YouTube channel for Minecraft is a showcase for his gaming skills. All videos are voiced with entertaining commentary. He also creates cool Minecraft Music Videos.

There is video advertising on some of his videos before you view them including stop smoking campaigns.

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Do you know any other child friendly YouTube channels for Minecraft? Please share them with us in the comments box below.

the most child friendly youtube channels for minecraft

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