This Beautiful Amazon Christmas Ad Hits All the Emotions of 2020!


This year’s Amazon Christmas ad has managed to capture all the heartache, emotion and spirit of 2020 in one fell swoop! Have a look at this beautiful ad about a young ballerina, who realises the show must go on.

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Amazon has unveiled its Christmas 2020 advert, titled ‘The Show Must Go On’, telling the story of a teenage ballerina who wins the coveted lead role in her dance school’s show, only to have her plans ruined by the pandemic.

Little did we know, that the Amazon Christmas ad would give us all the feels!

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Take a Peek at the Amazon Christmas Ad

Amazon Christmas ad 2020

The young ballet dancer practices night and day, even after in-person classes make the move to Zoom video calls. But not long later as restrictions tighten, the show is cancelled and she is devastated.

Her young sister spies an opportunity and prepares her own show posters, advertising a one-night only ballet show for their community. With their mother sewing the costume, and posters distributed to all the neighbours, it is soon time for the ballerina to make her debut.

Take a look and see – it’s beautiful!

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