Want to Be on The Late Late Toy Show? Applications for Toy Testers and Performers are Open…

Apply to be on the Late Late Toy Show

Would your child jump at the chance to be on The Late Late Toy Show this year? Well, they might just get the chance, as applications for toy testers and performers are now open! Read on to find out all the details:

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Whether your child is a singer, dance sensation, musical maestro or hopeful stage star, they could apply to be part of the 2020 Toy Show.

Don’t forget the toy testers, book reviewers, joke tellers and all-round entertainers – they are also in with a chance to be on The Late Late Toy Show this year as the application process has launched earlier to allow plenty of time for the slightly revised show.

Speaking on his RTE Radio 1 show yesterday, host Ryan Tubridy said “Normally we open the floodgates in September, but we are opening the floodgates now.”

“If you want to be on the Toy Show, if you are a child and you think ‘I can sing, I can dance, I can do mimicry, I can do magic, I am the chosen one in the entertainment world’, then get in touch.”

“You don’t have to be an extrovert, you don’t have to be beautiful – well, you have to be beautiful inside. You just have to be talented, smart, funny, a bit of craic.

“You can be introverted, extroverted, upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, it doesn’t matter! All you have to do is be a child and that’s your application form – send it in to us.

“We want to hear as many kids in Ireland getting involved, so get busy and good luck.”

How Can My Child Be on The Late Late Toy Show?

First things first, you need to complete the RTE Late Late Toy Show application form.

Here, you will choose whether your child is looking to be part of the show as a toy tester or as a performer. You will need to upload a short video (approximately 90 seconds) of your child, along with your contact details.

This year, The Toy Show will air on November 27th and will not take place in front of a live studio audience.

Best of luck to all the kids – and don’t forget to let us know if your child will be taking part!

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Have your say! Will your child be applying to be on The Late Late Toy Show this year? Have you tried before? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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