Get Ready to Rescue With The Chuggington Chug Patrol App

Jill Holtz

May 14, 2015


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Do you have a Chuggington fan in the house? Then they might enjoy the new Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue app which is free to download too. Find out what our reviewer thought of the app.

Chug Patrol Ready to Rescue app

chuggingtonGet Ready to Rescue! Ride the rails with Wilson, Brewster, Koko and newest Chugger – Chief of Chug Patrol – Jackman, in this traintastic interactive adventure! Read the story, complete the challenges, and use your new skills to win special Chug Patrol badges. Perfecto!

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue looks and feels just like a real book. Watch and listen as Jackman narrates the story, then turn the page to see each 3D pop-up scene magically unfold!

Children can read or listen to the story, and then turn the page to see a 3D pop-up scene magically unfold. They can then join in the action for themselves, helping the Chuggers complete various challenges and earning Chug Patrol badges for their collection.

Readers will join Koko as she learns control and braking, lay track in the forest with Brewster, explore a mine with Wilson, rescue Emery when his brakes fail, and much more.

The Chug Patrol: Ready To Rescue app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play

Some features of the app

  • Positive reinforcement for ready and playing along. Win a Chug Patrol badge when each game is completed
  • Read to me, Read it Myself and Autoplay modes
  • Features a fantastic musical score and lots of traintastic sound effects.

What our Reviewer Thought

I first opened the app with my 2 year old who is a big fan of Chugginton, and while he still doesn’t have any words he was very animated about seeing Koko and Brewster (his favourites) on my phone! I moved the story along for him, but when it came to moving the logs off the track he wanted to do it himself and so he did, not always gettingchuggington a result, but he enjoyed the trying.

My five year old girl is also a Chuggington fan, Koko in particular because she is fast AND a girl! She just took my phone away and played away herself listening to the story and moving the obstacles out the way easily. She found catching the red trucks a little more difficult but after missing one or two she got the hang of it. It’s a short but enjoyable little adventure with our favorite trains!

I will definitely be buying the paid version – if nothing else to end the hounding I have been getting since she played the free one. The only crib I would have is that it is a huge app 150mb to download so I had to delete some old apps which I hadn’t been using to make room. But I am glad I did as they got lots of enjoyment from it.

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Have you tried Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue app? We would love to hear what you thought in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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