10 Easy Tips for Cooking with Butter

Caroline Kelly

May 12, 2018

tips for cooking with butter

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Butter has come back into fashion again, after years of being touted as unhealthy. As with everything, using in moderation is the trick. Here are 10 easy tips from the Mykidstime Team for cooking with butter:

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Butter fell out of fashion for a while but used in moderation, it really is the ultimate chef’s ingredient. Use it for everything from finishing off your dishes to stopping things from burning to adding extra shine to your sauces.

10 easy tips from the Mykidstime Team for cooking with butter

#1. A small knob of butter finishes a dish nicely

Put a small knob of butter into a risotto just before you are finished cooking it, it makes it lovely and creamy.

#2. Add a little melted butter to your pancake batter

Melt some butter and add to your pancake mix before cooking them, it makes the mixture extra buttery and stops pancakes sticking to the pan.

#3. The secret to perfect buttery popcorn

Sweet & spicy popcorn

Pop some popping corn kernels in a pan (don’t forget the lid!) and once they have finished popping, empty into a bowl. Put a knob of butter into the still hot pan and melt it, and pour over the corn for easy buttery popcorn.

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#4. Create brown butter in a stainless steel pan over a low heat

Once the foam subsides you are left with a beautiful amber liquid ideal over chicken, fish or vegetables.

#5. Adding butter to your onions stops them burning

Add a little knob of butter to your olive oil when frying onions it will stop the onions burning and give them a nice taste too.

#6. Butter is the secret to delicious mashed potatoes!

mashed potatoes

Always add really hot milk to potatoes with some butter and salt, then mash like crazy and they will be super smooth!

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#7. When baking, mix on a low speed

When a recipe calls for creamed butter, mix on a low speed to ensure your butter does not lose its emulsion.

#8. Easiest ever garlic bread

Get the kids involved making their own garlic/herb bread. Mashing garlic or chopping herbs then mixing with softened butter before spreading on bread and popping in foil and into the oven for 10 minutes.

#9. How to give your sauces extra shine

Give your sauces a great shine by adding a few cubes of cold butter and whisking.

#10. Keep your butter cold for your pastry

For perfect pastry make sure your butter is cold and rest your pastry in the fridge before you roll it out.

Have you any other tips for cooking with butter to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Easy Tips for Cooking with Butter

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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