11 Spectacular Seasonal Cupcake Recipes Perfect for Christmas


November 8, 2016

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#7. Ginger Cupcake Recipe

Gingerbread cupcake recipe from judy in her natural habitat

Image from Judy in her natural habitat

It is not Christmas in our house without some Gingerbread. But as an alternative check out these Gingerbread cupcakes from Judy in her natural habitat and get a real taste of Christmas and instructions on how to make the cute bun cases too!

#8. Hungover Christmas Cupcake Recipe

Christmas Cupcake Recipe

Why hungover you may ask, well pretty innocent really, I added espresso to the mixture by accident but it turned out so tasty that she has made them again and again!

These can be made in advance and frozen and are an ideal alternative to traditional Christmas cake.

#9. Nigella’s Red Velvet Christmas Cupcake Recipe

Red Velvet Christmas Cupcake Recipe

These decadent red velvet cupcakes are decorated with a buttery, cream cheese frosting to which you can add glitter, red sugar and sprinkles for a tasty treat with hot chocolate or coffee.

#10. Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cupcake Recipe

Christmas Pudding Cupcake Recipe

Image from Odlums

This recipe for chocolate muffins from Odlums can be whipped up in no time and simply decorated with white icing and a cherry or cranberry to create a cute chocolate Christmas pudding cupcake. They make an ideal alternative to the real thing.

#11. Marshmallow Snowman Cupcake Recipe

snowman christmas cupcake recipe from cooking classy

Image from Cooking Classy

Last but not least, the kids will enjoy decorating these vanilla cupcakes with marshmallows to create fun snowman cupcakes. You can find the recipe and instructions over on Cooking Classy.

Have you tried any of these seasonal cupcake recipes? Let us know in the comments box below. 

Seasonal Cupcake Recipes

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