10 Simple Homemade Confirmation Cakes To Delight


Confirmation can be an expensive occasion for households, so why not save yourself some money and try make your own Confirmation cake this year? And we’ve got some inspiration for you! Here are 10 Simple Homemade Confirmation Cakes to Delight  we promise, none are too complicated, so will suit the novice baker too!

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#1. Cupcake Cross Cake

What an ingenious idea over on Hub Pages, to make a cross shape from cupcakes, each decorated with piping stars.

Cupcake cross

Image via Hub Pages

#2. Rosary Bead Cake

We love the simplicity of this cake idea – just make your standard cake and decorate with white fondant icing, and decorate top with fondant cross and beads (for convenience you could even just use real rosary beads which you remove before eating).

simple cake with beads

Image via Pinterest

#3. Simple Carrot Cake

For a fool-proof option, why not make a carrot cake, using this recipe from the Food Network, and cover with some cream cheese frosting. You can then decorate with Confirmation cake topper like these crosses from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

Carrot cake

Image via Food Network

#4. Celebration Pinata Cake

How fab would this be? Wow your guests with this clever Celebration Pinata Cake, from BBC Good Food – just cut the cake and reveal your smartie surprise inside. You can decorate the outside as you wish, and even add a Confirmation topper for the occasion.

Pinata cake

Image via BBC Good Food

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#5. Confirmation Cupcakes

For something a bit simpler, just make some cupcakes in your preferred flavour, and decorate with some coloured frosting. You can use ready-made sugar paste crosses available from Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com to decorate, or make your own cross and dove shapes. You could also display them on your table in a cross shape.


Image via One Sweet Treat

#6. Frilled Cake

I love this cake from I am a Baker, simply decorated with icing frills. Add a Confirmation cake topper to complete the look.

Frilled Homemade communion cake

Image from I am a baker

#7. Religious Cake Pops

For something completely different, make some Confirmation cake pops. Here is a recipe for making your own cake pops, and then decorate with some blue coloured icing and edible beads in the shape of a cross.

religious cake pops

Image via Pinterest

#8. Dove Cake

Top a madeira cake or cake of your choice, with some chocolate icing and then top with a white icing dove. You can make your dove shape with paper and “draw” outline on your chocolate icing with a toothpick, like Catholic Cuisine did for this cake.

Dove cake

Image via Catholic Cuisine

#9. Ruffled Cake

Elevate a simple madeira cake with this simple but impressive ruffled icing. Follow the instructions on this video to create – all you need is some time and patience.

#10. Decorated Dove Confirmation Cookies

Not exactly a cake, but for something alternative, why not make these cute Dove Confirmation cookies from Bake At 350, using a dove shaped cookie cutter, royal icing and some edible icing pens. You can find dove cookie cutters on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.

dove cookie

Image via Bake At 350

10 Simple Homemade Confirmation Cakes To Delight

Over to you! Have you any other simple ideas for Confirmation cakes? Share them with us in the comments below.

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