Baby Lena Charms Twitter With Her Mussel-Eating

Jill Holtz

February 18, 2019

baby lena mussels

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They say one of the best ways to avoid fussy eating is to introduce foods early to children when they are very young. The owners of Mulroy Bay Mussels shared a video of their granddaughter tucking into mussels which has gone viral. Watch Baby Lena eating mussels and enjoying them with gusto! 

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When Can Young Kids Eat Shellfish?

shellfish mussels

You can introduce shellfish as a part of your child’s diet after they start to eat solid food, usually around 4 to 6 month’s old. If your baby has eczema or food allergies, then do check with your doctor first before giving your baby shellfish.

Because young children under the age of 5 are very susceptible to any food poisoning, then all shellfish needs to be cooked. So oysters, clams and mussels should be cooked until the shell has opened.

Clams and mussels are good starter shellfish as they tend to be smaller and easy for wee fingers to pick up and swallow. Oysters can be bigger and a bit harder to swallow, choking hazard is always something you want to be aware of when feeding young kids.

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Miss Lena Eats “Ussels”

When we saw the video of Lena Wilhare tucking into her “ussels” we just had to share it with you. We think you’ll agree she’s adorable and definitely enjoying those Mulroy Bay Mussels.

Trying Out New Foods on Toddlers

 baby eating high chair

Introducing new foods to young kids helps to broaden their taste, and having the same food for the whole family is a great way to encourage more adventurous eating.

  • Introduce new foods in small bites
  • In my experience, toddlers love picking up their food so small chunks are good.
  • Don’t be disappointed if your child doesn’t like the new food or taste. It can sometimes take several attempts before a child likes the new taste so do try it again in a few days.
  • Try serving something new with a favourite they already like.
  • Let them see you enjoying the food. Eating together is a great family experience.

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Over to you now. Has your toddler tried mussels or do they enjoy something else unusual? Tell us in the comments below. 

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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