How to Make Grinch Juice & A Merry Christmas

how to make grinch juice

If you’re looking for an easy Christmas drinks recipe that the whole family will enjoy then why not make Grinch Punch or Grinch Juice? It’s a fun Christmas drink and easy to make. Watch our little video which shows you How to Make Grinch Juice!

Here’s our easy grinch punch recipe:

You will need

– freshly squeezed apple juice
– lemonade or sprite
– lime juice
– green food colouring
– red food colouring
– sugar
– ice cube bags or an ice cube tray
– a jug
– a plate or saucer
– something to stir with

How to make Grinch Punch

  1. Make some ice cubes with water coloured green and freeze.
  2. Colour some sugar with red food colouring on a plate or saucer
  3. When you are ready to make your Grinch Punch, just mix the apple juice, lemonade, squeeze of lime juice, a squirt of green food colouring and add some of your green ice cubes.
  4. Wet the rim of your glasses with lime or lemon juice and turn them in the red sugar to rim your glasses
  5. Enjoy!

We would like to wish all our Mykidstime Parents and Partners and Advertisers a very merry and peaceful Christmas. Thank you for all your support in 2016 and we wish you the best for 2017! Wishing you good health and happiness from all at Mykidstime.

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