Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Meatballs don’t have to be complicated, you don’t need to spend hours slaving to get the texture right. This Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe is very easy to make.


  • Quality minced beef, preferably with some fat content – your butcher will help with this.
  • Some water – approx. 15ml per 250g of minced beef
  • Small amount of salt and pepper


  1. Put the minced beef into a large bowl, sprinkle with the water, salt & pepper.
  2. Rinse your hands well under water and while still wet use your hands to mix everything together before wetting your hands again (I keep a bowl of water nearby) to shape the balls. We like large golf-ball sizes and it’s 2 or 3 per adult and 1 or 2 per child.
  3. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celcius and put the meat balls into an oven proof dish.
  4. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes before adding them to your sauce of choice. Here I’ve used some of my hidden vegetable pasta sauce
  5. Serve with pasta of your choice.

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This recipe, and more, is available on Wholesome Ireland

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