10 Things Guaranteed to Make Families Visit Kid Friendly Restaurants

Jill Holtz

February 22, 2016

kid friendly restaurants

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Have you ever thought about your favourite kid friendly restaurant and why you like it so much? It’s not just high chairs or friendly waiters, here are 10 things guaranteed to make families visit kid friendly restaurants:

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1. Colouring books

We love colouring books that have enough clean pages to keep our little ones going for a while when we have forgotten to bring our own, plus crayons that work and don’t break.

Bonus: how about some comics or magazines for our older kids to browse as colouring is now beneath them!

2. Kid sized cutlery

Little fingers struggle with adult sized cutlery. Big forks always drop on the floor with a clang. Have some kid sized cutlery and you will have happy little diners.

3. A space to put strollers out of the way

So everyone passing doesn’t trip and kill themselves. Or an offer to put it somewhere quickly and efficiently out of the way until we need it again.

4. Proper changing tables in both male & female toilets

We hate being forced to change baby on floor yet again. Some baby wipes and a nappy or two in case of memory loss are helpful too.

And, yes, males do change nappies too, so changing facilities in both male and female toilets is a must!

5. Kids’ Menus with a bit of imagination

What about some carrot sticks and cucumber slices and baby tomatoes on the plate?

If you must serve those french fries then offer something fresh for little fingers to enjoy, and to keep parents happy that there’s something healthy on the plate..


6. Smaller portions for kids

We’re tired of huge adult sized goopy macaroni cheese that our kid takes one spoonful of and then pushes away.

7. Kids are HUNGRY when they arrive.

Please bring their main courses with the adult starters without us having to remember to ask for this!

8. Short plastic tumblers

We kindly request tumblers and preferably plastic instead of long tall glasses that kids can knock over, and while we are at it, we’d love some healthier drink options for kids.

9. Extra napkins on tables

For the inevitable drink spill.

10. And if you could possibly manage…

Oh yes, a corner of the restaurant with TV, DVD playing a kids’ movie and some cushions that they can park themselves on….

Have you any particular suggestions for kid friendly restaurants or any gripes you want to share, pop them in a comment below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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