Family Review: A Visit to Titanic Experience Cobh

Jill Holtz

June 18, 2021

titanic cobh experience

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The iconic story of the Titanic ship, doomed on its maiden voyage is well-known, and the experience in Belfast is well worth a visit. However, the seaside town of Cobh in Cork has its own Titanic story. The Titanic Experience Cobh brings to life much of the history of the time, complete with details that will entertain and interest both adults and kids.

If you’re planning a day trip, you won’t want to miss this family review with practical tips and helpful details on how to get the most from your visit.

Titanic Experience Cobh

Cobh is a seaside town just 25 minutes from Cork City centre. The Titanic Experience is located in Casement Square, in the heart of the town and near the harbour.

The attraction is within the original White Star Line Ticket Office, a building steeped in history dating back to the early 19th century and the departure point for many thousands of White Star Line passengers. Hear the story of the ship and the 123 passengers that sailed away from Queenstown (as it was then known).

Our Family’s Visit to Titanic Experience Cobh

I found out about the Titanic Experience Cobh through MyKidsTime (one of the benefits of working here!). Having visited and enjoyed Titanic Belfast a few years ago, I suggested to the family that when we next went to Cork that we should visit this experience too.


On the day, we were a group of 4 (Mum, Dad and two teens) and visited on a Friday. We booked our tickets online and there are various ticket options available, e.g. 2 adults + different numbers of kids.

We paid €25 for a family ticket (2 adults + 1 child) and €9.50 for a student ticket.

We were running late and, as their website says, if you need to change your time you can phone and they will do their best to put you onto another tour, which they did without any issues.

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Transport and Parking

We drove to Cobh from Cork City (about 25 mins). There is free parking available by the Cathedral with a short walk down the hill to the main promenade. There is also on-street paid parking but it was busy even on a Friday on the streets near the Titanic Experience Cobh.

What to Expect


On entry you are given a special ticket with a name on it of one of the 123 passengers who boarded the Titanic in Queenstown. You don’t find out until the end if you survived or not!

The Experience takes about an hour, which includes a guided tour and then time to browse the final exhibition space at your own leisure.

The 3 guides that gave us the tour (each one covers a different room) were very good and very friendly.

There are video and audio clips to watch and listen to during different parts of the experience. I noticed in the final room that there were plenty of things for kids to look at, although for the first part of the tour they will have to sit and listen to the tour guides.

There is a shop at the very end of the experience with plenty of gifts to choose from.

There are toilets just inside after the ticket desk.


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Food Options

There is no café inside, but the Titanic Bar sits at the front of the Experience entry to the left. The Experience is located right across from other pubs and cafes with a Papa John’s nearby.

We enjoyed ice creams from Scoops Gelato kiosk right next door, and there are benches nearby to sit on.

Nearby Places of Interest

There’s a nice park along from the Experience that you could venture to, and tours of Spike Island leave from the harbour nearby. So, depending on timing, you could do both the Island tour and the Experience in one day, with lunch in between.

Highlights of Our Visit

titanic cobh experience

The audio clips of actors telling the stories of survivors and what they saw as the ship went down – goosebump inducing!

Plus finding out whether or not your passenger made it at the end too.

Anything That Could Be Better?

The tour was a little bit rushed at times. I would have liked a little longer in the first few rooms just to read and look at things on the walls.

For example, in one room, the guide pointed out that you could read what 1st Class and 3rd Class passengers ate on different menus – it was hard to read these quickly.

I would recommend the Titanic Experience Cobh for other families, and it’s a good place for mixed ages.

Very young kids might be a bit bored, but the end room has some fun things to do like see if you can guess smells, or little quiz doors to open, so I think age 5+ is probably good for this experience, where they can sit and listen for a bit and then watch and explore.

I’d give the Titanic Experience Cobh 4.5 out of 5

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Family Review A Visit to Titanic Experience Cobh - Mykidstime

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