Here’s How You Can Help Seriously Sick Children and Their Families

Sorcha McManigan

Sorcha McManigan

February 1, 2021

Sick Children Cliona's Foundation

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Did you know that there are hidden costs in the care of seriously sick children? Excluding the medical bills, families need to cover travel, childminders, accommodation and much more. These costs can run up to €160 a day. Cliona’s Foundation aims to provide financial support to relieve the pressure on families to cover these hidden costs.

Cliona’s Foundation is our second charity of the year. Since 2007, they have provided financial assistance to 834 families across Ireland. However, 4,000 children are currently battling a life-limiting illness, 400 of which will lose their fight this year.

Families are already enduring an extremely difficult time, but they face the reality of finding an estimated €10,000 per annum to care for their child.

Adding further strain to finances, the charity explains that one parent typically gives up work to be with their sick child, resulting in a drop in household income despite the increasing bills. Non-medical expenses, particularly for parents outside Dublin who have to travel to visit their child in hospital can run to as much as €160 a day. It leaves some families unable to afford to be at the bedside of their sick child.

Through donations, as the charity receives no state support, Cliona’s Foundation is able to help those families to cover the non-medical costs. The financial support takes the pressure off families and allows them to focus on their child and gives them a psychological lift to carry on with their caring.

Cliona’s Foundation was set-up in honour of founder’s Brendan and Terry Ring’s daughter. Cliona was treated for eight years for an inoperable brain tumour. During that time, Terry and Brendan met families struggling with the hidden costs of care.

When Cliona sadly passed away in 2006, just three weeks shy of her 16th birthday. The local community raised €50,000 the following year in her memory, with those funds Terry and Brendan began Cliona’s Foundation.

How You Can Help or Contact Cliona’s Foundation

To help seriously sick children and their families, you can make a donation. For more information about Cliona’s Foundation, you can visit their website. To contact the team at Cliona’s Foundation, please send an email.

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