Round Up of the Best Pantos in Ireland 2022


September 11, 2022

Christmas pantos in Ireland

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Fancy a trip to the theatre that the whole family will enjoy? A good Panto is guaranteed to get everyone into the Christmas spirit…oh yes it is! We have a round up of the best pantos in Ireland this year for everyone from 4 to 104!

This all-singing, all-dancing, all-laughing form of Christmas entertainment has become a firm family favourite for the festive season.

These brilliant shows are creatively produced, offering lots of laugh out loud fun for the whole family to enjoy. With shows taking place around the country, you’ll definitely find one to suit. Get booking early though, tickets sell out fast!

Best Pantos in Dublin 2022

Aladdin at Liberty Hall

liberty panto

Dates: December 21st to 30th 2022, 2 shows daily

This December take a magical carpet ride to a whole new world! Join ‘Dame Nellie Twankey’, (Jake Carter) as Aladdin, Wishee Washee plus all the Liberty Panto gang in Peking for lots of fun and mayhem as they embark on a panto journey like no other, far across the orient!

When Aladdin meets the Princess Jasmine, it’s love at first sight. but an evil magician named ‘Abanazar’ comes calling, and things don’t seem what they are.

ut with the help of a Genie and some traditional panto fun and magic… there might just be a chance that love will find a way.

Will there be a happy ending? Only one way to find out!

For more information and to book your magical carpet ride, click here.

The Gaiety Panto – The Jungle Book

Gaiety Panto 2022

Dates: November 27th 2022 to January 2023

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to the Gaiety Panto! The Gaiety Theatre has hosted the annual Christmas Panto each year since 1873 and families come from far and wide to experience the Gaiety Christmas Panto. For many it has become as much a family Christmas tradition as Santa himself!

Join the tropical adventure with Mowgli, the man-child, as he swings and sings his way through this jungle journey. Filled with Panto monkey-business and hiss-sterical shenanigans, you’ll meet all your favourite jungle friends along the way, plus a few familiar animal crackers.

For more information and booking details, click here.

The Helix Panto – Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Helix Panto

Dates: November 25th 2022 to January 15th 2023; sensory show on December 20th at 6pm

This year’s show promises to be as fun, fresh and magical as ever. Creating an exciting new script with plenty of twists, turns and adventure, the Helix panto promises yet another hilarious production for all the family to enjoy.

Join Hansel and Gretel as they journey through the magical pantosphere of intrigue and adventure!

For more information and booking details, click here.

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Snow White at the National Stadium

Dates: From December 13th 2022

Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick present this year’s Panto, Snow White at the National Stadium, Dublin. Sammy Sausages, Buffy, Sparkle and friends will be back for more family fun.

Don’t miss Marty Morrissey as The Magic Mirror!

For more information and booking details, click here.

Little Red Riding Hood at dlr Mill Theatre

dlr Mill Theatre panto

Dates: December 8th 2022 to January 8th 2023

There’s a wolf lurking in the magical panto woods. He’s big, he’s bad and he’s bonkers! And was that a Unicorn that went flying by? And what has happened to Granny Hood, why has she that big toothy grin? Wolfie may have met his match in our Red who needs no boy to save the day!

With a surprise or three, Mill Productions’ one hour panto is packed with colourful costume, sparkling songs, dazzling dance routines and enough laughs to keep the whole family buzzing.

The Mill’s Christmas One Hour Panto is Big, Bad and Bonkers!

For more information and booking details, click here.

Olly, Polly and the Beanstalk, 3Olympia Theatre

Dates: December 21st 2022 to January 8th 2023

Join Olly, Polly and their dancing cow in this hilarious beanstalk climbing, roof raising, action packed spin on the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk!

With a laugh-a-minute script, dazzling dancers and all star cast, Olly, Polly & The Beanstalk is bursting with magic and madness and is not to be missed!

For more information and booking details, click here.

Sleeping Beauty at The Civic Theatre, Tallaght

Civic Panto 2022

Dates: December 7th to 31st

Spinning into The Civic this December, a spellbinding tale of Sleeping Beauty. At her 18th Birthday party, the beautiful Princess Aurora pricks her finger on a spindle wheel which has been cursed by the evil Maleficent. Our Good Queen casts a magical spell which should break the curse. The Princess can only be woken from her sleep by… True love’s kiss. Will she find her true love and live happily ever after?

For more information and booking details, click here.

Sleeping Beauty at Draiocht, Blanchardstown

Draiocht panto 2021

Dates: January 5th to 22nd 2023; sensory show on January 12th

Panto is back…oh yes it is!

Once again Coolmine Panto Group will be back in Draíocht with Sleeping Beauty, written by Karl Harper.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Dublin Panto’s Peter Pan

Dates: February 8th to 19th 2023

The Dublin Panto will be back with Peter Pan. Shows take place at Grange Woodbine Centre, Raheny.

For more information, check their Facebook page.

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Best Pantos Around Ireland 2022

Sleeping Beauty at Cork Opera House

Cork opera House Panto

Dates: December 1st 2022 to January 22nd 2023

Once upon a time in a pantoland far, far away, the beautiful princess Beauty was born. When the time came for her to be christened, an uninvited guest – the evil Maleficent, cursed the princess so that on her 18th birthday she would prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep for 100 years. What could possibly undo such a dastardly curse?

Unlike poor Sleeping Beauty, audience members will be kept wide-awake and entranced as this magical tale unfolds before their eyes in yet another spectacular and elaborate pantomime. Come join Nanny Nellie and friends as they take on Maleficent in the quest to free the beautiful princess.

Packed with amazing colour, fantastic costumes, live music, breathtaking dance and tonnes of belly laughs – this production will be a magical musical rollercoaster ride for all the family to enjoy this Christmas.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Peter Pan at University Concert Hall, Limerick

Peter Pan UCH panto

Dates: December 16th 2022 to January 3rd 2023

Join the boy who never grew up, together with his friends Wendy and tiny Tinkerbell, as they travel to Never Never Land to take on the hilariously horrible Captain Hook and his band of (pretty useless!) pirates!

Johnny Ward, Fair City favourite and grand finalist of RTÉ’s 2019 Dancing with the Stars, returns to Limerick this Christmas as the infamous Captain Hook!

For more information and booking details, click here.

Renmore Pantomime, Galway

Pantos 2021

Dates: December 29th 2022 to January 15th 2023; sensory-friendly show Jan 9th at 12pm

With the enchantment of the Fairy Godmother and the mischief of the Ugly Sisters, Renmore Pantomime Society will ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’ their way through the Town Hall Theatre to follow Cinderella and her friends on this wonderful adventure.

Throughout this charming journey, be inspired by her continued endeavour to have courage, be kind and always believe in a little magic.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Aladdin at the National Opera House, Wexford

Dates: January 18th to 22nd 2023

Join hero Aladdin and his best friend Bish Bosh who, along with his Mammy the Widow Twankey and little sisters Wishy and Washy, are out on a new and exciting Arabian adventure to get rich quick and win the hand of the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

But Aladdin has to watch out as the evil Abanazar wants to get his hands on “The Mystical Lamp of Salsabar” and control Omar the magical all powerful Genie inside.

Your three wishes are granted as Wexford Panto returns in their new home The National Opera House with the South East’s biggest Panto!

For more information and booking details, click here.

Jack and the Beanstalk at Theatre Royal, Waterford

Dates: December 1st to 30th 2022

Join the Waterford Panto Society for plenty of Fee-Fi-Fo-FUN as the Theatre Royal once again becomes the happiest place to be in Waterford this December.

All the familiar faces are back in a fun-filled, action-packed show for all the family. You’ll get all the usual up-to-date pop songs, laugh-out-loud comedy, slick choreography, sets by Waterford Spraoi, spectacular sound and lighting and a full live band.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Sleeping Beauty at glór, Clare

glor panto

Dates: December 23rd 2022 to January 1st 2022; sensory show on December 23rd

Once upon a time in a land far, far away a beautiful princess is born but the wicked fairy places a terrible curse on the new princess. Only true love’s kiss will break the spell!

Join Pantaloons and find out how the story ends in another spectacular pantomime, packed with smash-hit songs, stunning sets, fabulous dance routines, lots of laughs and plenty of seasonal sparkle.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Beauty and the Beast at Mullingar Arts Centre, Westmeath

Dates: December 8th to 30th 2022

This Christmas, Mullingar Pantomime Group bring to the stage Beauty & the Beast.

Featuring well known songs and the immensely talented dancers, it is an experience not to be missed. The show will include the ever-present Movie, which has become an integral part of the annual Panto.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Jack and the Beanstalk at Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick

pantos ireland

Dates: December 9th to January 8th 2023

Christmas without a panto is like Summer without ice cream, Easter without eggs or Halloween without witches!

For its inaugural homegrown panto, the folks at the Lime Tree Theatre have chosen the evergreen Jack and the Beanstalk to light up the stage this Christmas.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Cinderella at The MAC, Belfast

pantos ireland

Dates: November 30th to January 8th 2023

You shall go to the ball, and have a ball too at this enchanting show for the whole family (with a MAC twist on the original tale, of course).

Cinderella will be a heart-warming, poignant, fun family show packed with magical moments, incredible illusions, and stunning songs.

For more information and booking details, click here.

Round Up of the Best Pantos in Ireland 2022 – Mykidstime

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