15 Affordable and Nifty Small Room Ideas for More Space


#11. Make a Feature Wall

Draw your attention away from the size of a room by making a dramatic statement on one wall. This is most easily achieved by adding a fabulous eye catching statement wallpaper like this one from Inspirationalbum.

Keep the rest of the walls in a very neutral colour and this design will “pop” giving the room a focal point.

small room ideas

Image credit Inspirationalbum.com

#12. Pick Versatile Furniture for Your Living Room

If your living room is on the small side, buy versatile furniture that you can store away and pull out if required. We have always used a set of nesting tables that we pull out if we have extra guests that need somewhere to put their drink. I love this idea from Lushome to use low poufs or stools that slide under your coffee table as extra seating.

small room ideasImage credit Lushome.com


#13. Try Different Arrangements of Furniture

If your room size is making it tricky for your furniture, then try different arrangements. For example, in a room of 100 sq ft, you can have as many as 10 different layouts, depending on how you arrange the furniture.

Here’s a handy diagram from Homedit.com showing some possible configurations depending on your furniture.

small room ideasImage credit Homedit.com


#14. Draw the Eye Upwards

If you have low ceilings you can try this trick from Mydomaine, to draw eyes upward by placing eye-catching items up high or running an accent or a furniture piece from the floor toward the ceiling, to create the illusion of height.

small room ideasImage credit Mydomaine.com


#15. Don’t be Afraid to Use the Window as a Wall

In small rooms convention has to go out the window! Try this tip from Bhg.com: positioning your bed up against the window(s) if it better suits the dimensions of the room. You can always turn the windows into a feature behind your bed and then you can use the other walls in the room for your functional needs.

small room ideasImage credit Bhg.com


Over to you now. Do you have any small room tips to share? Tell us in the comments below.

small room ideas

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