15 Common Stains Your Kids Will Have and How to Remove Them

common stains

Between ketchup and grass stains, there’s always some extra stain removal to be done as a parent. Here are 15 Common Stains Your Kids Will Have and How to Remove Them:

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If your child’s clothing is coloured rather than white, make sure never to put undiluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide directly on the clothing, always dilute. “No colour change” on the label also means the item can be safely bleached.


#1. Grass Stains

Work the stain out with a mix of 50% bleach or hydrogen peroxide and 50% water.

#2. Mud Stains

  • Let the stain dry and scrape off the excess.
  • Create suds by diluting detergent in water and rub into the stain.
  • Lighten any remaining marks with a white vinegar and water mix.

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#3. Blood Stains

Make a mix of 50% bleach or hydrogen peroxide and 50% water then add 1/2 a cup of baking soda. Soak the blood-stained item before washing.

#4. Tree Sap Stains

Remove any excess tree sap then rub hand sanitiser into the stain. The alcohol in the gel breaks down the stain.

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#5. Dirty Water Stains

Remove dried mucky water stains by soaking the fabric in warm water then rubbing white vinegar into the stain and wash normally.

#6. Chocolate Stains

Scrape off any excess chocolate then spray the stain with a mix of 50% bleach or hydrogen peroxide, 50% water before dabbing detergent into the stain.

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#7. Ice Cream Stains

Soak in cold water and rub in detergent with a cloth before washing as normal. NB don’t prewash dairy stains as warm water will set the smell.

#8. Chewing Gum

Put the clothing item into the freezer and pick off the gum when it has frozen.

#9. Ketchup or Spaghetti Sauce

Any tomato based stains can be removed by adding white vinegar to the fabric then washing as normal.

#10. Fruit Juice

Mix one teaspoon of detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of water. Blot and soak the stain for half an hour then wash as normal. NB Don’t scrub the stain as that will make it run.

#11. Paint Stains

After the paint dries, scrape off any excess. Make a solution of detergent and water and dab. Avoid using warm water as this will set the stain.

#12. Pen Ink Stains

Spray hairspray or rub hand sanitiser into the stain and dab with a cloth before rinsing.

#13. Face Paint

Rub coconut oil or argan oil into the stain. Next rub in a detergent mixed with cool water before washing as normal.

#14. Slime Stains

Scrape off any excess slime. Soak the stain with white vinegar, then rinse with warm water before washing as normal. You might also find our tips for How to Get Slime Off Clothes, Carpet, Sofa, Hair useful.

#15. Chalk Stains

Scrape off any dry chalk and shake the clothing out. Soak the stain in dish sap and leave for a few hours. If it is stubborn apply a mix of 50% bleach or hydrogen peroxide with 50% cool water then machine wash.

More Stain Removal Tips

We love this Ultimate Stain Removal Guide from Muddy Puddles:

`Ultimate Stain Removal Guide
Provided by Muddy Puddles

Now all we need is advice on removing the wine stains for Mum and Dad!

Over to you now. Any tips for removing common stains that you have found worked? Share them with us in the comments below.

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