5 Simple Tips To Help You Make More Sustainable Choices At Home


September 16, 2019

LilandIzzy Boutique Tips for making more sustainble choices at home

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Would you like to make more sustainable choices but are not sure where to start? There are simple, little changes every household can make to get your home and family more eco conscious and sustainable without it costing a fortune or having to think too hard about it! Katie Brandon Byrne from Lil & Izzy Boutique shares her 5 simple tips to help you make more sustainable choices at home. Good for the planet and for your wallet!

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As a busy Mum I know it can be difficult to think about being sustainable 24/7, we have enough to think about as it is so adding this to the list can be daunting and most people don’t know where to start! I have pulled together my top 5 tips. 

5 Tips To Help Make Sustainable Choices At Home

#1. Get Yourself A Keep Cup

keep cup reusable sustainable choices

As a busy mum of two, I need coffee to function throughout the day! Did you know up to 200 million single use coffee cups are thrown away every year in Ireland? Shocking!

Buying a reusable cup that you can bring along with you to your local coffee shop to be refilled, same goes for your water bottle! It’s a no brainer in reducing this type of waste.

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#2. Be Savvy With Cleaning Products

cleaning hacks

I have an obsession with cleaning and my house being germ free! I swapped my usual products that were full of chemicals for more eco friendly ones like Lilly’s Eco Clean, which are actually available in Aldi.

I look now for products with plant-based biodegradable ingredients, and natural essential oils, that are free from harmful toxic chemicals but tough on germs.

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#3. Shop Organic

Lil and Izzy Boutique Sustainable choices at home clothing

Shopping organic extends beyond groceries. When buying new clothes for your family choose brands that offer organic fabrics, excellent quality and will last you beyond a fad or trend.

At Lil & Izzy we use organic cotton fabric & our products have clever design functions to aid longevity, be loved and loved again. Fast fashion is one of the major polluting industries in the world.

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#4. Clever Lunchbox Hacks

10 Practical Products to Make Your Child's Lunch Box Eco Friendly

I invested in a Yumbox for Lily to take her lunch to preschool. We have removed tinfoil and cellophane from our house and replaced them with natural compostable paper sandwich bags, beeswax reusable wraps and stasher bags!

It’s amazing how these little changes have made such a difference to our waste at home. You can buy all of the above from reuzi.ie or in their new store, Reuzi, in Foxrock, Dublin.

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#5. Include Meat Free Dinners

Mykidstime best vegetarian recipes mushroom stroganoff sustainable choices

We are trying to reduce our meat consumption as a family as much as possible. Eating meat has a hefty impact on the environment from fuelling climate change to polluting landscapes and waterways.

I won’t pretend I don’t love a juicy steak, but educating myself and my family on the impact it is having on our planet we have decided to cut down on our Sunday roasts.

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Every home can make a difference, no matter how small every choice we make has an impact on our environment, people and future generations!

Have you any tips to help us make more sustainable choices easily? We’d love to hear from you. Please share your tips in the comments box below

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