5 Top Tips To Cover Bingo Wings

Jill Holtz

May 12, 2018

bingo wings

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One of the downsides of ageing as a woman is the appearance of “bingo wings”, those folds of loose flesh or skin hanging from the undersides of a woman’s upper arms. Here Sandra Walsh of Canopisleeves.com shares her 5 top tips to cover bingo wings:

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Styling is all about grooming and maximising on your strengths. I am going to give a few style tips on covering your arms.

Bingo wings are just a natural part of ageing and I used to wonder where the term came from and of course it was when the lady in the bingo hall raised her arms and shouted “Bingo!” that her upper arms started to wobble.

The bingo halls must have been filled with bingo wings, can you imagine the sight, hilarious but very real. The elasticity goes in the upper arm and no matter what ladies try to do to prevent it bar complete reconstruction surgically, it is part of ageing.

I think we should embrace the process, do the best we can to look great and cover up if we need to. So here are some tips.

5 Top Tips To Cover Bingo Wings

#1. Use a Pashmina

Bingo Wings Pashmina cover up

An elegant Pashmina is always a lovely way to cover your upper arms. I always suggest that the Pashmina colour is chosen on the dominant colour in the dress, NOT the minority colour. Your outfit appears completed when, for example, you wear a lovely blush pink pashmina with a floral dress, where the base of the dress is blush pink.

One neutral-coloured pashmina in your wardrobe can be worn with nearly all outfits, keeps you warm on journeys or at events and, gives you a very polished and finished look.

#2. Choose Cap Sleeved Tops

Cap sleeved tops are very flattering, preferably with a scalloped edge. They accentuate the upper shoulder and draws the eye away from any flabby muscle on the upper arm.

#3. Hold Your Arms Out

Bingo Wings photograph

When having your photo taken, hold your arm out from your body, this will diminish the size of your arm and is much more flattering.

Put your hand on your hip creating a small space between your body and your arm. It tricks the eye into halving the size of your body, rather than looking like a block.

#4. Follow Coco’s advice

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” said style icon, Coco Chanel.

And it’s true. Styling is all about you feeling great, and reaching your style potential.

#5. Invest in Sleeves to Cover Up

canopi sleeves

Consider investing in something to cover your arms. And before you think I’m suggesting a whole new wardrobe (which you might like!) if you invest in a product like Canopi Sleeves, they can be worn with existing clothes to boost your confidence by keeping you covered.

They are seamless and can be worn under any sleeveless or short sleeved garment. They simply clip on to the bra straps and (excuse the pun) arm you with confidence. And give your existing wardrobe a funky facelift, a win/win solution.

Whether for bingo wings or for a practical or physical reason e.g. you cannot go sleeveless in your place of work, or you need to cover tattoos or scar tissue from accidents or for skin conditions, e.g. psoriasis, impetigo, urticaria etc, using covering sleeves is an easy solution.

Sandra Walsh is founder of Canopi Sleeves. She came up with the unique innovative product which she designed herself when she spotted that an opportunity existed to solve a problem for women.

Over to you now. Any other tips for bingo wings that have worked for you? Tell us in the comments below. 

5 Top Tips To Cover Bingo Wings

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