These Are the 50 Safest Cities in America to Raise a Child

Safest cities in America to raise a child

When it comes to raising a family, choosing somewhere safe to live is of paramount importance. This round up of the 50 safest cities in America to raise a child in 2019 is essential reading, because it takes into account FBI data on crime, as well as other important factors parents will want to know.

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SafeWise has released their 2019 report on the 50 safest cities in America to raise a child, and it makes for interesting reading.

“The good news is that no matter where you live in America, your children probably enjoy lower crime levels than you did growing up,” says the report.

“Statistics from the FBI show that violent crime in the United States has fallen 49% since 1993, and property crime has also decreased 50% during the same period.”

What Makes These the Safest Cities in America?

Parents can be assured of a much safer environment for raising their families in any of these cities, as the SafeWise report highlights significantly less violent crime and property crime than the national averages.

While SafeWise’s analysis naturally takes into account the level of crime to decide which cities are safe, it also considered additional factors that are important to parents such as graduation rates and the number of sex offenders per capita.

“Information like this can tell us not only about threats within the community, but also how well-positioned these cities are to help kids thrive,” says SafeWise.

Other Key Findings of the Report:

  • The 2019 list of the safest cities to raise a child represent 50 cities from 18 states.
  • 22% of cities on the list were from western states.
  • California topped the list with 14 of the safest cities, followed by Texas with seven cities.
  • While cities in rural states with smaller populations tend to have less crime, they also tend to have lower graduation rates.
  • The top five safest cities to raise a child also have some of the highest median incomes.
  • Only three cities on the list fell below the average median income in the United States (Lakewood, NJ; Port St Lucie, FL; and Cape Coral, FL)
  • Three of the safest cities to raise kids also made the 2019 list of the safest college towns in the United States (Irvine, CA; Naperville, IL; and Thousand Oaks, CA)
  • 84% of the cities represented on this year’s report are new additions.

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50 Safest Cities in America to Raise a Child

Safest cities in America to raise a child - Carmel, Indiana
Image: City of Carmel, Indiana (Facebook)

If you’re looking for the safest cities in America that offer a great basis for family life, these are your best picks:

#1. Carmel, Indiana (Safety Score: 97.13%)

#2. Newton, Massachusetts (Safety Score: 97.10%)

#3. Johns Creek, Georgia (Safety Score: 97.07%)

#4. Fishers, Indiana (Safety Score: 95.46%)

#5. Flower Mound, Texas (Safety Score: 95.40%)

#6. Plymouth, Minnesota (Safety Score: 94.76%)

#7. San Ramon, California (Safety Score: 94.40%)

#8. Hoover, Alabama (Safety Score: 94.34%)

#9. Naperville, Illinois (Safety Score: 94.25%)

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Irvine, California
Image: City of Irvine (Facebook)

#10. Irvine, California (Safety Score: 94.24%)

#11. Mission Viejo, California (Safety Score: 93.40%)

#12. Gilbert, Arizona (Safety Score: 93.30%)

#13. Lake Forest, California (Safety Score: 92.75%)

#14. Frisco, Texas (Safety Score: 92.66%)

#15. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (Safety Score: 92.34%)

#16. Allen, Texas (Safety Score: 92.28%)

#17. Thousand Oaks, California (Safety Score: 92.05%)

League City, Texas
Image: Visit League City (Facebook)

#18. League City, Texas (Safety Score: 92.0%)

#19. Troy, Michigan (Safety Score: 91.81%)

#20. Murrieta, California (Safety Score: 91.77%)

#21. Sugar Land, Texas (Safety Score: 91.77%)

#22. Farmington Hills, Michigan (Safety Score: 91.63%)

#23. Woodbridge, New Jersey (Safety Score: 91.61%)

#24. Folsom, California (Safety Score: 91.28%)

Santa Clarita, California
Image: City of Santa Clarita

#25. Santa Clarita, California (Safety Score: 91.12%)

#26. O’Fallon, Missouri (Safety Score: 91.05%)

#27. Chino Hills, California (Safety Score: 91.04%)

#28. Lakewood, New Jersey (Safety Score: 90.98%)

#29. McKinney, Texas (Safety Score: 90.87%)

#30. Pleasanton, California (Safety Score: 90.81%)

#31. Edmond, Oklahoma (Safety Score: 90.63%)

#32. Franklin, Tennessee (Safety Score: 90.60%)

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Roswell, Georgia
Image: City of Roswell, Georgia (Facebook)

#33. Roswell, Georgia (Safety Score: 90.60%)

#34. Somerville, Massachusetts (Safety Score: 90.29%)

#35. Surprise, Arizona (Safety Score: 90.22%)

#36. Sandy Springs, Georgia (Safety Score: 90.19%)

#37. Kirkland, Washington (Safety Score: 90.12%)

#38. Nashua, New Hampshire (Safety Score: 90.0%)

#39. Plano, Texas (Safety Score: 89.98%)

Beaverton, Oregon
Image: City of Beaverton (Facebook)

#40. Beaverton, Oregon (Safety Score: 89.82%)

#41. Port St Lucie, Florida (Safety Score: 89.78%)

#42. Scottsdale, Arizona (Safety Score: 89.57%)

#43. Bend, Oregon (Safety Score: 89.50%)

#44. Rochester, Minnesota (Safety Score: 89.50%)

#45. Cape Coral, Florida (Safety Score: 89.42%)

#46. Toms River, New Jersey (Safety Score: 89.42%)

#47. Sunnyvale, California (Safety Score: 89.37%)

#48. Newport Beach, California (Safety Score: 89.36%)

#49. Carlsbad, California (Safety Score: 89.34%)

#50. Glendale, California (Safety Score: 89.31%)

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Do you live in, or have you visited, any of these safest cities in America? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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