8 Simple Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Look Great

Louise Kerrigan

June 8, 2015

simple small bedroom ideas

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It can sometimes seem frustrating and challenging to decorate and dress a small bedroom. However with some clever tips and tricks you can really make your small space a haven. Here are 8 simple small bedroom ideas to make your room look great.

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#1.  Consider the Bed!

This is one of the mainstays of your bedroom so don’t let the bed dominate and take up all the room and therefore make it look cluttered.  There are many different bed options these days so look for streamlined designs that work with your sense of style.  However you can make your bed the focal point of the room and then work the rest of the style around it.


Image credit Freshome

#2. Add Mirrors

This is a really clever way of making your room look bigger. Incorporate mirrors into your wardrobe area or include full length on the walls to reflect the light from the windows and give the allusion of space.

mirror wardrobes

Image credit Lurve.com

#3. Choose space saving furniture

This is where you can really be inventive. The bed is an obvious first place – you can choose beds with built in storage underneath or purchase those clever storage systems on rollers that you can simply roll in and out. Bedside lockers that can be pulled out and then stacked away are also useful.


Image credit modernhoused

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#4. Keep the same colour throughout

Cover the walls, headboard and bedlinen in the same design or colour. This is a tried and tested method for making a small room look bigger. You can then add touches by picking up on a contrasting colour or theme.

repeat pattern

Image credit modernhoused

#5. Make a feature wall

Draw your attention away from the size of a room by making a dramatic statement on one wall. This is most easily achieved by adding a fabulous eye-catching statement wallpaper. Keep the rest of the walls in a very neutral colour and this design will “pop” giving the room a focal point.

feature wall

Image credit Inspiration album

#6. Smart Storage

If you are lucky enough to design a small bedroom from scratch you can be really inventive with how you use your space. Most New Yorkers are really clever at this as necessity is the mother of invention. Use that bed but also consider building in clever “semi walls” to give you more space and platforms for hang or rest items against.

smart storage

Image credit Housebeautiful

#7. Make your Headboard work hard

Using a headboard for storage is a clever way to make the most of your space. If you don’t have enough space for a bedside table and shelves why not work the two together in this clever custom made headboard.  Depending on your space you could add a bit more and make a single wardrobe for clothes as well!

contemporary-bedroom3Image credit forbes

#8:  Don’t be afraid to use the window as a wall

In small rooms convention has to go out the window! Position your bed up against the window(s) if it better suits the dimensions of the room and for the position of the bed.

You can always turn the windows into a feature behind your bed and then use the other walls in the room for your functional needs.


Image credit bhg.com

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Over to you? Do you have any other small bedroom ideas you can add to this? Let us know in the comment box below.

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