Suzie O’Neill Shares 5 Beauty Routine Tips for Busy Mums


August 22, 2019

beauty routine tips for busy mums

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Busy Mums often don’t have the luxury or time to enjoy a full beauty routine every morning as getting the children ready for the day ahead takes precedence. However, Suzie O’Neill of Ayu Make-up has mastered the art of 5 minute make-up and shares her 5 Beauty Routine Tips for Busy Mums to give yourself the confidence to put your best face forward for the day.

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Suzie O’Neill said, ‘Being a working Mum-of-two, I have a super quick and effective make-up routine down to a T! I often have less than 5 minutes to get myself ready, so I have top five tips that I live by that give me a little confidence boost in the morning before focusing on the kids!’

#1. Always Use SPF

Beauty tips for busy mums - Mykidstime

Many women avoid this step but SPF is the best anti-aging product you can have in your beauty regime!

Always use a high quality SPF on your face and other exposed skin including; neck, chest, arms and hands. Even if it’s overcast.

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#2. Define Those Brows

AYU brown eye Brow pencil beauty routine tips for busy mums

Eyebrows can totally transform how we look and frame our face! Just by lightly defining your brows, you can give yourself a mini facelift and take years off!

Choose a pencil with cool tones for the most natural finish. The AYU Easy Brow Pencils have been formulated with super fine nibs to mimic the natural hair growth and the spooly on the other end is perfect for brushing the product through for an even more natural finish.

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#3. Fake A Healthy Glow

Beauty tips for busy mums - Mykidstime

Fresh, dewy skin is the key to a beautiful and youthful appearance!

Enhance your natural radiance with the Ayu Radiant Skin Cream, a pink pearl cream that will give the skin a smoothing and youthful glow.

I love to use it on the top of my cheekbones and bridge of my nose to fake a full night’s sleep!

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#4. Concealer Is Your Best Friend!

tired mom beauty tips for busy mums

Lack of sleep and non-stop activities can result in dark circles under the eyes. Use a high quality and lightweight concealer to cover these areas but steer clear of heavy formulas as they will only accentuate the bags!

A great concealer will even out the skin tone and ensure your skin stays fresh, dewy and youthful looking.

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#5. Warm Your Face

beauty routine tips for busy mums When we are tired we tend to look pale and lackluster. A good bronzer is one of my favourite products in my kit when sleep deprivation rears its ugly head!

Apply a matte bronzer – I love Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Light matte – in a sweeping motion across the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and sides of your forehead for the most natural glow.

I always use my AYU Angle Blush/Contour brush.

Over to you now. Do you have any beauty routine tips for busy mums? Please share them with us in the comments box below

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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