The Mykidstime Guide to Moving House with Children

Jill Holtz

October 20, 2011

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Are you facing a move with children?  Most of the Mykidstime Team have moved house with children at different stages, so we put together some suggestions for making the move easier on your kids. Here is the Mykidstime Guide to Moving House with Children:

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#1. Involve Your Child in the Process

Involve your child in the process as you get ready to move. For example, discuss what colour they would like their new room to be.  Help them get acquainted with the new place that you’re going to move to.

This is a short but sweet video from Budget Van Lines on involving your kids:

#2. Ask Them to Pick What They Have Outgrown

As you pack up their things, if they are old enough you can ask them to pick what they have outgrown and what can be donated to charity or local children’s hospital e.g. games & toys

#3. Keep Aside Special Toys and Books

The morning of the move, put aside special toys & books into a separate bag or small box to go in the car with you to the new house.

#4. Have Some Bedding Organised

Set aside some sheets and towels and favourite blankies to go in the car as well so you can make beds up at your new home.

#5. Have some DVDs/movies ready

Put some DVDs into the car stuff in case t.v. channels or satellite/cable don’t work yet in the new house, at least you can hook up the DVD player to entertain someone while you unpack

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#6. Involve Them in Some Reconnaissance

Make like spies and get the kids to help check out in advance of your move where things are in your new area, e.g. playgrounds, parks, library.

This will also help you to get oriented in the new neighbourhood.

#7. Pack Kids Plates And Cups Separately

Pack kids plates, cups separately in a clearly marked box so you can unpack those as soon as you arrive ready for first few mealtimes in the house. (And make sure you know where the wine glasses are for Mum and Dad!)

#8. Make Beds First Priority

Make sure new beds are put together or existing beds that have been moved are the first thing you sort out in the house to make the first bedtime easier.

Ask your child to help put special toys or books around their bed to help settle them in.

#9. Organise Utilities in Advance

Inform connections such as gas, electricity and phone that there are kids in the new house to help ensure that these take place correctly.

Be prepared for the case if they are not switched on just in case!

#10. Get to Know Your New Neighbourhood

Make some time during the first few days to walk around your new neighbourhood with your child to help them get acquainted with new things and with where things are located.

If you have any other suggestions that you found useful when you moved with your child, let us know in the comments below!


Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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