Tips for Buying and Selling on Ebay and Other Online Sites

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Buying and Selling online is a great way to make a little extra and/or pick up some fantastic bargains. Always popular are Children’s bits and pieces, from clothes, toys and books to buggies and other baby equipment. Here are some tips for buying and selling on Ebay and other online sites:

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#1. Never post your personal information online!

Addresses and contact numbers should be exchanged via the private message facility.

#2. When possible try and meet up to collect item.

If this is not possible Paypal is a safe, fast and secure way to pay or receive payment. If you do not have a Paypal account it is easy to set one up. Never send cash by post: postal order or cheque is recommended.

#3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate as a Buyer

Buyers – don’t be afraid to negotiate on prices!

Top Tips For Selling Online

#4. Take a look around your home

You will be surprised at just how much unwanted bits and pieces you have lying around and just because you don’t use something anymore doesn’t mean someone else won’t! Things in particular I have found to be always popular are buggies, books, certain toys and kids clothes especially unusual or hard to source items.

#5. Be realistic with your pricing, parents shop online to find bargains.

A rule I use when selling is that if something is new and unused I sell for 50% the original price and if something is used I sell for 33% of the original price. If something is not selling for you, reduce your price!

#6. A good clear photograph of what you are selling will help make the sale.

If you are selling several items, photo sharing sites such as or provide free photo sharing sites which allow you to set up online photo albums which you can link to your ad.

#7. Check your postage costs

You can check how much an item is to post online at and can weigh an item on your kitchen scales at home. For heavier items check out local courier companies as sometimes this can work out a lot cheaper than posting. Think green! All packing items such as envelopes, mailing bags and boxes can be reused.

#8. Make sure items are clean

Make sure all items are freshly washed and clean before selling.

#9. Wait for payment before posting

Do not post an item until you have received payment.

#10. Offer items for free if not selling

Not everything you have will sell so if you have items you want to be cleared off you might want to offer items to other parents for free

Article written by Deborah, mum and experienced online buyer and seller

Do you have any tips for parents for buying and selling online? Share them with us in the comments below.

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