The Ultimate FLOP! Why Flip Flops Can be Harmful to Your Health


January 20, 2019

Mykidstime summer flip flops disaster

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From invalidating your car insurance to causing you pain, flip flops can really do more harm than good. As a self-professed flip flop-hater, I’ve got 10 reasons why you should steer clear of the staple summer shoe – including how flip flops can be harmful to your health!

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Flip flops, or thongs as they are sometimes (comically) known, are the marmite of the shoe world – you either love them or loathe them. I am firmly in the latter camp. Whenever I have worn flip flops, I spend the entire time with my toes curled awkwardly trying to hold them on. But there are many more reasons to loathe those bendy, rubber shoes…

Flip Flops – Watch Out for The Trip Trap!

Mykidstime Why flip flops can harm your health

The Toe Strap

How annoying is it to have a piece of rubber wedged between your toes? It digs into your skin and causes blisters, which is definitely not a great summer look with your freshly pedicured feet!

Flat Foot

There is not a shred of support in a flip flop. As the name suggests they just flop around on your foot and leave your arches hanging in mid-air without the necessary balance and support.

Oh The Pain!

As they offer no support, your heel crashes to earth with full force and this, in turn, can lead to shooting pains up your legs, in your knees and hips. The friction caused by the sole of the flip flop rubbing against your heel also increases the build up of hard skin, making for unsightly heels.

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Trip Trap

When I wear flip flops I spend the entire time distracted in a bid to keep them actually on my feet, but their bendy structure also makes them a trip hazard. They are just waiting to send you flying to the ground in an undignified heap!

Bacteria and Bugs

Oh yes, when your feet are exposed to the elements they can pick up all manner of nasty bugs and bacteria. And those soft, rubber shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if they get wet. Yuck!

Around the Pool

You may think that flip flops are suitable attire for around the pool, but let me tell you, when rubber gets wet, it gets slippy. Need I say more? If you must wear flip flops, save them for beach-only wear.

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Plantar Fasciitis

While wearing flip flops you tend to roll your feet in as you walk – this misaligns your usual step and can cause the tissue that connects your heel to your arch and toes to become inflamed. This tissue is known as the plantar fascia, hence the term plantar fasciitis. Believe me it is not something you want to get – it is very uncomfortable!

Poised for Accidents

Have you ever tried to drive in flip flops? Don’t! They have nothing to hold them in place while your foot is on the pedal, and if you have to make an emergency stop it will all end in tears. Some insurance companies actually list flip flops specifically as a hazard, and may actually void your policy if you drive in them.

Snail’s Pace

Have you ever tried running, or even walking quickly, in flip flops? Let us know how you got on! It is actually impossible to walk at any speed while wearing flip flops as you need to take shorter steps just to hold them on your feet.

Perfect Toes

You will spend the whole summer fixing the chips on your nail polish, as all your toes are exposed for the world to see. Although, as they will be curled up trying to hold the shoes on, this issue may be the more minor one!

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Are you a fan of flip flops, or are they a toe-curling nightmare for you too? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Mykidstime summer flip flops disaster

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