10 Brilliant Ideas for the Best Ever Barbie Party

Kellie Kearney

May 22, 2018

barbie party ideas

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Next year will see Barbie celebrate her 60th birthday so what better excuse to look at the best Barbie Party Ideas out there, maybe even to inspire Barbie for her own party! If you have a Barbie fan in the house and are looking for some Barbie-themed birthday party inspiration then look no further, here are 10 Brilliant Ideas for the Best Ever Barbie Party:

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Did you know that over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold since Ruth Handler created her? She’s definitely a well-known household brand and a favourite with many.

Barbie Party Preparations

Barbie Party Invites

barbie party invite

Invitations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg (sorry about the pun for all those Barbies missing their limbs!) so check the web for FREE downloads and print them off with your home printer. The kids will love filling them in and handing them out to friends.
We love this sweet Barbie party invite from Familyshoppingbag

Image courtesy of Family Shop Bag

Barbie Paper Plates & Cups

barbie party decorations

Make the perfect table setting with Barbie-themed paper plates, cups and table covers. For bonus points pick up pink plastic cutlery to add to the mood. Woodies has a nice range of Barbie party items.

Image courtesy of Woodies

Barbie Party Bags

barbie party bags

You’ll want some loot bags to give out so order some Barbie Party Bags, there’s lots on sale on Amazon as well as cute Barbie themed gifts and ideas to put in them.

If budget allows and you have the room in your garden, how about a Barbie Bouncy Castle for a bit of bouncy fun? Your local bouncy castle business may have the castle of dreams! Typically bouncy castles average around €100 a day.

Image courtesy of Jolly Kids Castles

Barbie Party Games

Guess How Many Shoes in The Jar

barbie party games

This is a fun Barbie party game idea from A View Into Our Lives – gather up as many of Barbie and Ken’s shoes as you can find and let the party guests guess how many shoes are in the jar. Whoever is closest wins.

Image courtesy of A View Into Our Lives

Pin the Bow on Barbie

barbie pin the bow game

Such a simple idea taken from the well known game ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’. You can do this two ways. Let the birthday child draw Barbie in advance or simply print off the well known logo along with some clipart bows. Cut them out and tack to the wall.

Or if you want to save even more time, Fresh Cuts by Lauri Beth has a Pin the Bow game for sale on Etsy for €6.07 at time of writing.

Image courtesy of Fresh Cuts by Lauri Beth

Barbie Photo Booth

barbie photo booth

No party these days is complete without a photo booth, we found this easy tutorial from Cray Chic Style that shows you how to make a Barbie photo booth. You will need a large cardboard box, paint, a roller brush, sellotape, a printer for logos and some glue.

Image courtesy of Cray Chick Style

Barbie Party Food Ideas

Barbie Birthday Cake

barbie cake

Why not make your own Barbie cake using one of your child’s Barbie dolls (probably best not to use her favourite!). We adore this simple step by step tutorial by Mum Turned Mom. It will require a heap of patience but just look at the end result. Just imagine their face when they see it!

Image courtesy of Mumturnedmom

Pink Lemonade

barbie party pink lemonade

Pink lemonade is the ultimate Barbie drink, pink and bubbly! Of course you can easily buy some but if you have spare time as the birthday preparations are underway why not make some homemade pink lemonade. This recipe for pink lemonade from The Cooking Bride is straightforward to make.

Image courtesy of The Cooking Bride

Sweet Treats

barbie party ideas

This one is so simple. Pick up some white popcorn boxes and print off Barbie’s famous logo and glue them onto each box. Fill each one with pink coloured sweets to match the colour scheme. Extra brownie points if you source some wands. We love what Thrifty & Chic have done for their Barbie Party.

Image courtesy of Thrifty & Chic

More Barbie Birthday Party Food Ideas

barbie cupcakes

Keep things simple and go for pink and black as the theme.

Pick up some strawberry yogurt, strawberries, pink wafer biscuits or you could even invest in a Barbie shaped cookie cutter to make your own Barbie cupcake toppings. We love what Tessa’s mum did here on Catchmyparty – aren’t the Barbie cupcakes cute? She used pink and black muffin cases and the Barbie logo as the decoration.

Image courtesy of Catchmyparty

10 Brilliant Ideas for the Best Ever Barbie Party


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Like this? Share it with your network!

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