Boy reading book

Do You Know How to Recognise the Early Signs of Dyslexia?

Is your child struggling with letter recognition, reading or number skills? Is your child discouraged about school and unable to focus or has poor...
Simple pasta salad kids lunch

No Sandwich Lunch Box Ideas For Kids Who Just Don’t Like Sandwiches

Do sandwiches come back uneaten in your child's lunchbox at the end of the school day? If your child isn't a big sandwich fan,...
what is project maths

What Is “Project Maths”?

Two big changes have been implemented in secondary school maths since 2008, and some of these changes are still ongoing. In this article, Eamonn...
Learning vs schooling transition year

Transition Year – Why It Can Be Brilliant For Students

When I went to school, Transition Year or TY as it is known, was not available. So when my daughter announced she was definitely...
easy after school snacks

11 Yummy Ideas For Healthy (And Easy) After School Snacks

Do your kids come home hungry bears? Are you looking for ideas for after school snacks to give them? Here are 11 yummy ideas...
10 Practical Products to Make Your Child's Lunch Box Eco Friendly

10 Practical Products to Make Your Child’s Lunch Box Eco Friendly

When you think about it, kids lunchboxes can be a bit un-environmentally-friendly. Using cling film, cartons of juice and other items that can't get...
first day of school girl getting her photo taken

Fun and Funky Ideas for First Day Of School Photos

Heading to school for the first time or going back to school each year is always a milestone – and a fantastic picture opportunity...

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