11 Tried And Tested Lunch Box Recipes That Kids Love

lunch box recipes essentials for starting school

Making your child’s lunch interesting doesn’t have to be a challenge. As a mum of 4, I’ll admit it can be a difficult task and time-consuming trying to find the perfect lunch box recipes, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack at times. Us parents shouldn’t need to struggle looking for something delicious and nutritious that you know they will eat every day. Here are some of my kids’ favourite lunch box items, 11 Tried And Tested Lunch Box Recipes That Kids Love:

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Stuck in a lunch rut? Here are my family’s favourite lunch box recipes to try today.

1. Sugar-Free Lunchbox Slice

easy lunchbox slice

How about a delicious sugar-free lunchbox slice? This recipe from Sugarfreekids is one of the more simple lunch box recipes that can be used with pretty much any fruit filling. It makes 18 slices and comes egg, sugar and wheat free.

Image courtesy of Sugarfreekids

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2. The Perfect Banana Muffin

banana muffins

You can never go wrong with banana pancakes, banana bread or BANANA MUFFINS. This recipe from Family Budgeting is so simple and the muffins just take minutes to prep. You could use silicon moulds to save on the disposable paper and hold back on some of the sugar within the recipes. You could also add some chocolate chips for a sweet treat at the weekend.

Image courtesy of Family-budgeting.co.uk

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3. Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

raspberry chia seed jam

This Raspberry Chia Seed Jam recipe from Baby Led Feeding is an unbelievably delicious jam packed full of natural goodness. Not a preservative to be seen and it’s refined sugar-free too. It’s perfect for crackers, homemade brown bread, or even mixed with some natural yogurt, my kids love it.

Image courtesy of Baby Led Feeding

4. Bite-sized Mexican Pinwheels

mexican pinwheels

Our family are huge into wraps and I love nothing more than mixing up the fillings when it comes to lunch box recipes. Some days we could have peanut butter, tuna, raspberry jam (above) or just plain old ham.

Not only are these Mexican Pinwheels from Super Healthy Kids great for the lunch box but they would make gorgeous little appetizers if you were hosting a party. The pinwheels are not too spicy and take minutes to make.

Image courtesy of Super Healthy Kids

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5. Healthy Pot Noodle

healthy pot noodle

Not exactly what you might think of when you hear “lunch box recipes”. This recipe for Healthy Pot Noodles from One Yummy Mummy is beauty in a bowl and can be stored and served in a flask alongside your normal lunch. It’s the perfect alternative to store-bought Pot Noodles and full of goodness too.

Image courtesy of One Yummy Mummy

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6. Raspberry Buckwheat Pancakes

raspberry buckwheat pancakes landscape

A delicious and nutritious lunch box recipe, well, that’s if it makes it to the lunch box! We make these Raspberry Buckwheat Pancakes from Baby Led Weaning regularly. Swap the raspberries for different berries if you end up making them often, otherwise the kids may get bored. This recipe is egg and dairy free.

Image courtesy of Baby Led Weaning

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7. Apple Slice Cookies

apple slice cookies

Apples can get boring, in fact, any food can get boring if you eat it too much. These Apple Slice Cookies from Mummy Cooks make a nice change from just an apple in the lunchbox. They are also perfect for breakfast, as a snack or even a super healthy dessert. Toppings can be chopped and changed to suit your children’s taste buds.

Image courtesy of Mummy Cooks

8. Lunch Box Finger Food

finger food lunchboxes

Let’s not forget the standard lunch box idea from Modern Honey of Lunch Box Finger Food using any tiny bites from kiwi slices to carrot sticks to boiled eggs. Hummus, salsa and peanut butter are perfect sauces to add for a dip. Very few kids will turn their noses up at cheese and crackers, grapes or orange slices. Keep it basic if you are struggling.

Image courtesy of Modern Honey

9. Easy Brown Bread Rolls

easy brown bread rolls

One of the lunch box recipes the kids will love because they can get involved with the kneading, mixing and brushing with egg. These Brown Bread Rolls from One Yummy Mummy are so easy to bake and the recipe makes six so depending on your family size you may get a few lunches out of them too. Otherwise double the recipe and save yourself the tears when they are all gone.

Image courtesy of One Yummy Mummy

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10. Pop Tarts

pop tart

Could you image your child’s face opening up their lunch box to find a pop tart? Using the above raspberry jam recipe this would also make the perfect Friday treat. These Pop Tarts from Kidsspot are really one of the easiest lunch box recipes I make, they take a total of 15 minutes to prep and bake. Maybe at the weekend you could add some nutella for an ultimate treat.

Image courtesy of Kidsspot

11. Sandwich Kebabs

sandwich kebabs

Basic sambo’s or hambo’s as I like to call them are perfect for your child’s lunch box however kids can get bored of the same old sandwiches. So why not change how you present them? I love these Sandwich Kebabs from Eat Drink Love.

Image courtesy of Eat Drink Love

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Over to you now. Did these Lunch Box Recipes inspire you to try something new in your child’s lunchbox? Tell us in the comments below. 

Lunch Box Recipes That Kids Love

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